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In the essay Casablanca:cult movies and intertextual collage, from the collection of essays titled Travels of Hyper Reality,Umberto Eco has taken the case of the 1940’s popular American movie Casablanca,directed by Michael Curtis to explain how and why it gained the status of a ‘cult’ movie.He has given a number of reasons in the essay as to why people liked it so much.Eco begins by making it clear that the movie according to him is not a very artistic movie and that despite that the movie has been repeatedly viewed and appreciated by the audiences.In the essay he looks into factors that are required for a movie/text to attain cult status.
One of the reasons Eco gives is that the audiences got to see a ‘completely furnished world’ when they
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By giving it that status, we are ignoring the serious issues and arguments raised in the movie.He does not approve of the term cult and says that term associates more with the division of art and society instead of helping the film become a social,political and critical entity.He finally says that the term cult has come more out of the privatisation of viewing experience and not after the critics’ or society’s deliberations Mark Sheil says that the term,though,is old, needs to be questioned by the society and critics because it is actually derogatory instead of helping to understand the film concept. He says that movies which are made on a low budget are very rarely considered cult movies irrespective of the fact that those movies raised serious issues of the society while movies which are made on a lavish scale gained the status of cult movies because of their grandeur while their plot may or may not be that engaging or relevant.
Barbara Klinger believes that the cult movies are not mainstream movies but the fact they are considered an important part of the canon leads to the marginalisation of other movies.The movie like The Big Lebowski gained cult status despite being severely criticised by the critics but it was appreciated by the audiences whose response made it a cult movie.
Thus,she says
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She says that what worked in the case of The Big Lebowski was the fact that though it was received with a lukewarm response,its re-release created a huge stir among the audiences,where huge crowds becoming fans of the lead characters and the dream sequence in the film.The audiences could not only relate to the characters and situations,but they felt a sense of pride in being what they were and thus this movie provided them with an identity.This movie became a sensation on the web and got an overwhelming response from the audience who carried the memorable scenes,dialogues and characters from the movie in their

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