Arrow Vs Flash

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Holding Out for a Hero

Whether it’s six year old kids playing with superman action figures, or college students going to see the latest Batman movie, it's evident that in this day and age, everyone loves a good hero. In an unpredictable world where so many people often feel powerless, companies such as Marvel and DC comics provide a much needed escape from reality through the use of extraordinary fictional characters, such as the Green Arrow and the Flash. These two DC characters differ greatly from each other, and in their own way they each represent opposite sides of the superhuman realm. The Flash (A.K.A Barry Allen) represents a more familiar part of what has become defined as a hero. Born a normal boy, Barry Allen grew up with an unbelievably compassionate personality and became a forensic scientist with the hope of freeing his father from prison after he was framed for killing Barry’s mom. When a failed scientific experiment resulted in Barry getting struck by supernatural lightning, he was transformed into a kind-hearted vigilante who has the ability to run at the speed of light. On the
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The flash’s supernatural advantage can’t be overlooked, but the arrow inner strength proves and determination proves that he a force to be reckoned with as well. The Flash relies more on assistance from others and supernatural talent, while the Arrow chooses to be more independent and rely on his training. By using different techniques, both superheros offer a different perspective on what it takes to save the world. By comparing and contrasting their skills, resources, and teams, I hope I have provided enough information to allow others to form their own opinions on the two heroes. Both characters come from very different backgrounds and have very different stories, but one thing is undeniable; they both became

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