Comic Book Comparison: Superman Vs. Superman

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1. Comics books was created to not only to entertain readers with imaginary superheroes, but also to fill a void of escaping the harsh realities dealing within our society in different periods.
2. My personal response is the reason comic books intrigue readers, however, with no specific age preference, by inspiring readers to become socially aware of the issues that our world face.
3. The start of superheroes started with the Great Depression that changed our economy and marked the beginning of the founding fame Superman gained from his two creators Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster.
4. Superheroes such as Superman and Batman tackles with issues relating to personal, social and political that most readers could empathize with events that shaped history tremendously.
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Contrasting the two superheroes, Batman and Superman, I found that they share a common goal of fighting and defending the public against the evils of the world, but the deeper association behind their costume.
6. Superman represents the action side of comics with majority of the stories exploring his fight for liberal social agendas that is overlooked often.
7. On the contrary, Batman represents the detective side of comics with stories of crime fought in plain and simple style. Superman had powers while Batman did not indicating fighting crime balancing the spirit of vengeance in their despair to justice.
8. A quote that Stan Lee coined and spotted in the Spiderman from Peter Parker is that “with great power, they must also come great responsibility. This quote symbolize each superheroes’ motive is to embrace a complex story that each one endure to preserve through one

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