The Hero Cycle Of Achilles From The Iliad And Superman

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Achilles from the Iliad and Superman from DC Comics both are heroes who go through Josephs Campbell’s hero cycle. Achilles was a powerful Greek Soldier and one of the reasons Troy was conquered. He went through the heroic cycle and changed a lot emotionally as well. Superman is a modern day hero, who has super human abilities. He also fits into the heroic cycle in several different story lines.
The hero usually has strange circumstances around their birth. When Achilles was a child his mother, a nymph named Thetis, was concerned about her son’s mortality. For this reason, she dipped him in the Styx River to make him immortal. However, she was holding onto the heel of his foot making it the only mortal or vulnerable spot. It was his weakness
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Achilles had several tests like when Agamemnon stole his war prize, a women, and cause Achilles to withdraw from fighting over pride. They both felt superior cause conflict and Achilles refused to fight. Achilles had a few prominent allies like Patroclus and Odysseus. Another test was during one of the final battles of the war. When Patroclus went in place of Achilles. During this battle Patroclus was killed by Hector. This causes Achilles to lash out and seek revenge on Hector. He gives into temptation and kills Hector. Although, he then has a meeting with Priam, the King of Troy, and Priam helps him realize that he should do the right thing and honor Hector along with Patroclus. He overcame his anger and confronted his emotions. Unfortunately, his peace did not last long after trying to flee the falling city of Troy Achilles was shoot in the heel by Paris. Since this was is his only vulnerability, he was killed. Though Achilles will always be remembered as an incredibly strong, courageous warrior, that he wanted to be remembered …show more content…
They both had strange childhoods, with parents who only wanted the best for them even if that meant not always being with them. They also both were called to action for a bigger reason than themselves. Achilles had the Trojan War and he fought for Grease. Whereas, Superman had Metropolis and fought against crime and super villains. They also both had supernatural aid and or mentors. Achilles had his mother who made him invincible everywhere except his heel and Hephaestus who made him special armor. Superman had the advice form the hologram of his father. Each of them have fought in numerous battles because of their famous strength and courage. One interesting similarity that is just as famous as their strengths are their prominent one weakness. Achilles can be defeated because he is still mortal due to his vulnerable heel and Superman can be defeated by Kryptonite. Another similarity is their reaction after a very close ally has been killed. Achilles sought revenge on Hector for killing Patroclus just like Superman wanted revenge on Lex Luther for killing the Flash. In the end, they both are fighting for the greater good even though Achilles realizes this just before he is killed. Achilles and Superman are both heroes who have gone through a similar

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