Persuasive Essay On Marvel Vs Dc

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Marvel takes on Dc

When it comes to superheroes there would be only two series that would come to the mind of any human that takes an interest in them. Those two series are marvel which represents the characters such as the incredible Hulk, Iron man, and Captain America, but Dc Comics which represents Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman. Fans of the two series invest money, time and attention into these topics just off the character alone. Even though it may not seem like it, there are differences, similarities, and comparisons. There 's crossovers, who can beat who, and the fans want to see more, and where there powers originate from. When it comes to Marvel and DC this argument can cause a worldwide argument because there are fans that prefer Marvel, but there are fans that prefer DC.

In terms of where these humans acquired their superpowers to become super heroes is explainable. In the marvel universe heroes such as Spider Man
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Almost every Marvel character has one super human ability, where it comes down to one person with super strength, one person with super speed, and one person with the ability to fly. In DC the characters have more than one ability, for example Superman doesn’t just have eye-beams or incredible strength or incredible speed or the ability to fly, but all of those and more (McKenzie, 2010). Marvel movies are better than Dc, and why is that, on an average since the 2000`s marvel movies have averaged a 60 percent of Fan who voted they like marvel more while Dc movies only get 47 percent of fan votes . Marvel is more related to real life in terms of cities like New York, where in Dc the locations are in outer space or in places no one has heard of before. This has let me to believe that as of now marvel is more favored by fans than DC because of who goes to see the movies and purchase the products, and Marvel sells more than

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