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Once all the town’s people were saved and Sandman and Deadpool were taken into protective care, Captain America and Iron headed back to the Avengers Tower. Iron Man started yelling at Captain America about how he could of saved the people faster since he could fly. Captain America did not really care, as long as the people were saved that is all that mattered. Iron Man always thought he could do the job better than Captain America. Iron Man can fly and he is a genius when it comes to technology, heck he built the Avengers Tower with the help of the computer system, Jarvis.

Even though Iron Man could do all of these things, Captain America was the superhero to get all the fame from his fans. All that Captain
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They are both seen as superheroes saving the people from evil. They both care about the well being of the town’s people and do everything they can to keep them safe from the villains. They both want to lock up the villains for good so they do not harm any more people. Being an Avenger is both of their number one priorities.

Iron Man wants Captain America to not be well liked anymore. Iron Man would like the attention on him for once in his life. Captain America gets all the attention and Iron Man is tired of it. Iron Man creates the reverse formula to make Captain America puny again so the fans do not like him anymore. The fans will like Iron Man and he will get all the attention.

Captain America wants to get rid of Iron Man once and for all. Captain America joins the dark side and becomes a villain. Captain America believes that Iron Man will not see this coming and he will be able to destroy Iron Man. Captain America thinks with Iron Man gone, the fans will once again like him even though he is evil. The plan backfires and Captain America is the one that ends up getting destroyed (Fisher and Ury, 1991)

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