Low molecular weight heparin

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  • Oral Anticoagulation Analysis

    Venous thromboembolism, encompassing deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism, has been increased in cancer patients, adversely affecting their prognosis. Low-molecular-weight heparins are recommended as efficacious and safe anticoagulation treatment in cancer patients. However, in clinical practice, oncologists prefer oral anticoagulation, especially if long-term or extended treatment is necessary. The novel oral anticoagulants have recently emerged as an alternative to the standard therapy owing to the ease of administration, predictable anticoagulation effect without the need for laboratory monitoring, and few drug interactions. Currently, the preliminary data showed that these new agents are effective and safe for the management of cancer-associated…

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  • William Gibbs Reflective Model

    consequences many patient continue to suffer needlessly (Wallis & Autar, 2001). Most of the deep vein thrombosis conditions do not have symptoms; therefore, it is difficult to detect its presence (Pearse, Caldwell, Lockwood, & Hollard, 2007). Therefore, it is easier to prevent the DVT from occurring than trying to cure it (Wallis & Autar, 2001). To prevent deep vein thrombosis, nurses should ensure that patients are given proper care before and after operation (Kahn, 2006). The DVT prophylaxis…

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  • Venous Thrombosis Pathophysiology

    The laboratory confirmation of DVT is done with serum D-dimer measurement, and homocysteine level, protein C and S, Complete blood count (CBC). The serum could be checked prior for antiphospholipid antibodies, antithrombin III level and lupus anticoagulant. When the serum tests are not revealing anything unusual, genetic testing is acquired to look for mutation such as prothrombin G20210A mutation should be done (Dugdale, 2013). Some non-intrusive methods to detect DVT are Doppler ultrasound or…

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  • Negative Effects Of Designer Babies

    or failures. Another reason why designer babies have no history of success is because of the lack of research, they have an extremely high failure rate. 15-24% of IVF pregnancies resulted in miscarriages and only 21.1 IVF births were successful out of 100 couples. Out of those low number of births, they have even more birth defects and low birth weights. Babies born with ART were 25% more likely to have a birth defect than those naturally conceived. To add, these babies were 2.3% more…

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  • Why Does Low Birth Weight Lead To Adult Disease

    Twin studies aid in strengthening the correlations between fetal environment, low birth weight, and adult disease. On average, twins have lower than average birth weight as they experience reduction in growth during their third trimester due to limitations in size of the uterus (Vagero & Leon, 1994). Research involving monozygous and dizygous twins has determined that the lighter twin was more likely to develop higher blood pressure and have increased cardiovascular disease risk (Baird, Osmond,…

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  • Frequency Distribution Case Study

    Furthermore, many know that they must eat right, stop bad harmful habits before becoming pregnant, while pregnant, and after pregnancy. Essentially, there were not as many in this group as the other two age ranges of 14-21 and 21-28. The age group of 28-35 account for 20.1% of the sample. It’s possible they looked at this age to factor if many of the women within this age exhibited many prior risks factors that contribute to low birth weight babies. In my opinion, many of the women within this…

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  • Nursing And Neonatology Analysis

    to different areas of the United States because the biggest shortages of nurses remain located in the southern and western states of the country. Specifically America remains in high demand for young nurses. In 2013, 55% of nurses remained age 50 or older ("Nursing Shortage"). The lack of young nurses will significantly affect the health care industry in the next 15 years when these nurses retire. Obviously a demand for registered nurses exists, but the demand remains even higher for Neonatal…

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  • Jasienska Slavery

    Jasienska. G, 2009, Low Birth Rate of Contemporary African Americans: An Intergenerational Effect of Slavery? American Journal of Human Biology. This article’s aim is to analyses slavery as being a lasting intergenerational effect on the low birth weights of modern African Americans. The article succeeds in its analysis through its identification of racial disparity in birth weight being social and environmental causes not genetic. Also a success is its use of other contextually relevant example…

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  • Comparing Apixaban And Enoxaparin Proliferation

    of treatment in a UK clinical setting is a low molecular weight heparin (LWMH) subcutaneous enoxaparin at the a dose of 40mg (NICE 2013). Conversely the results from ADVANCE-2 were weighed. They indicated that Apixaban significantly reduces the manifestation of total VTE and all-cause mortality by 9.3% against the comparator. Similar favourable results for Apixaban over enoxaparin were documented in ADVANCE-3. The incidence of total VTE was 1.4% for Apixaban showing superior efficacy over…

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  • Catheter-Based Ablation Case Studies

    which is a non-vitamin K antagonist, has showed safety and efficacy outcomes similar or superior to those of warfarin regarding periprocedual stroke prevention (2). Furthermore, an evidence favor dabigatran over warfarin as it has an advantage of not requiring regular monitoring. However, the major concern of performing catheter ablation with Dabigatran is the risk of bleeding, particularly life-threatening bleeding (1, 2). In this study, we will systemically review and investigate the safety…

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