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  • Oral Anticoagulation Analysis

    Venous thromboembolism, encompassing deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism, has been increased in cancer patients, adversely affecting their prognosis. Low-molecular-weight heparins are recommended as efficacious and safe anticoagulation treatment in cancer patients. However, in clinical practice, oncologists prefer oral anticoagulation, especially if long-term or extended treatment is necessary. The novel oral anticoagulants have recently emerged as an alternative to the standard therapy owing to the ease of administration, predictable anticoagulation effect without the need for laboratory monitoring, and few drug interactions. Currently, the preliminary data showed that these new agents are effective and safe for the management of cancer-associated…

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  • Venous Thrombosis Pathophysiology

    The laboratory confirmation of DVT is done with serum D-dimer measurement, and homocysteine level, protein C and S, Complete blood count (CBC). The serum could be checked prior for antiphospholipid antibodies, antithrombin III level and lupus anticoagulant. When the serum tests are not revealing anything unusual, genetic testing is acquired to look for mutation such as prothrombin G20210A mutation should be done (Dugdale, 2013). Some non-intrusive methods to detect DVT are Doppler ultrasound or…

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  • William Gibbs Reflective Model

    patient continue to suffer needlessly (Wallis & Autar, 2001). Most of the deep vein thrombosis conditions do not have symptoms; therefore, it is difficult to detect its presence (Pearse, Caldwell, Lockwood, & Hollard, 2007). Therefore, it is easier to prevent the DVT from occurring than trying to cure it (Wallis & Autar, 2001). To prevent deep vein thrombosis, nurses should ensure that patients are given proper care before and after operation (Kahn, 2006). The DVT prophylaxis should be conducted…

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  • A Study On Furosemide

    When at low doses, inhibits prothrombin to thrombin conversion and inactivates factor Xa. At high doses, it can inhibit fibrinogen to fibrin conversion and also inactivate multiple factors, including factors 9, 19, 11, and 12. Pharm effects: This leads to the pharmacological effects of increased bleeding time and interference of platelet aggregation, thus preventing blood clots from forming. Evidence: A study was done in China to determine how heparin affected osteoblasts. They treated human…

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  • Peripheral Vascular Disease

    Gore’s VIABAHN Endoprosthesis with Heparin Bioactive Surface devices, there are many risks that are included throughout the process. There can be implications at the insertion site, normally through the femoral artery of the groin area, or in the hemodialysis access area that is intended to be treated. Some of the critical risks that need to be avoided include hematomas, occlusion – the complete blockage of the blood flowing through the device or vein, device embolism – movement of the device to…

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  • Case Study Baxter

    during this time from lawsuits and penalties but Baxter leadership managed to turn the company around by focusing on the products and ways to improve them. Fortunately enough for Baxter International Inc, their products are a necessity to save lives which ensures the company business so long as people are sick and injured. As the largest and most well known brand of Intravenous Solutions, Baxter has the opportunity to branch out to several other countries increasing the global presence. Baxter…

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  • Mistakes In Nursing Essay

    that when the shift changes the other nurses are also able to understand the condition of patient and treat them properly. Considering flow sheets are also very necessary when the patient charts are to be maintained. Failure in recording medication also on time is a big problem. Recording the medication includes the dose, route and other activities like time etc. in one such case A morning nurse gave a patient heparin medicine just before she went off duty. In the evening nurse saw the order…

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  • Ckd Literature Review

    The preliminary findings from the pilot study demonstrates the effectiveness of two alternative medications i.e. sodium Citrate versus Heparin for the Catheter Locks. Cuticchia (2009) argues that trails can be used to test whether a new treatment has similar efficiency to an existing one. In this article the evidence was taken from a well conducted pilot study where a brief summary of the outcome is given at the beginning of the article including the methods and findings. The purpose of the…

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  • Reflection On Wall Of Silence

    instructors emphasized strongly on safety checks for any medical procedure in the hospital; specially, the seven rights of medication administration. After reading the first two parts of the wall of silence, I was saddened by the number of loved ones that died unnecessarily for many years; and, by all the different way a medical error could occur. The purpose of this journal is to examine a specific medical error. Overview of Claudie’ case The case that I selected was about a retired…

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  • Erickson's Development Theory

    tablet by mouth daily • Prevention of gouty arthritis attacks o GI distress (nausea & vomiting) o Drowsiness o Hypersensitivity reaction (fever & rash) Atenolol 50mg tablet by mouth daily • Management of angina pectoris & prevention of MI o Bradycardia o Fatigue o Orthostatic hypotension Fexofenadine 180mg tablet by mouth daily • Relief of symptoms of seasonal allergies o Drowsiness o Fatigue o Dyspepsia Heparin via continuous infusion, dose is dependent on the patient’s anti–factor Xa daily lab…

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