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  • Fenugreek Research Paper

    The mucilage is what makes the seeds so beneficial to the health. It is very comforting as it covers any delicate, inflamed tissue of the body. This herb works well for stomach ailments, such as ulcers, gastritis, and food poisoning. And the intestines are aided by it too. Some people with Crone's disease and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) find it especially helpful. Fenugreek also reduces high fevers that are difficult to control, and it aids in diseases of the upper respiratory system, such as…

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  • Herbal Medicine Research Paper

    As herbal medicine benefits claims on internet become wilder and wilder, the public becomes more and more confused about what herbs can actually do. Ironically, the public is not the only one confused. Even the scientists are asking the same questions: does herbal medicine works? How does it work? What is the optimal dosage? The safety issues are what? Who can use it and who cannot?... As the list grow longer, the confusions also grow greater. Luckily, as we speak, more and more research studies…

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  • Cassia Tora Linn Case Study

    characterization. The potent isolate showed characterization of epicatechin due to some modern technique like H1NMR, Mass, IR spectroscopy etc. Introduction Diabetes mellitus is a chronic and major endocrine disorder caused by a deficiency in the production of insulin by the pancreas or by the ineffectiveness of the insulin produced (Veeramani et al., 2008). Currently there are over 150 million diabetics worldwide and this is likely to increase to 300 million or more by 2025. Statistical…

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  • Herb Lubalin: Typographer

    Herb Lubalin is a worldwide known typographer, designer, and teacher who has contributed many forms of typefaces to the typography world. He has never seen himself as a typographer because he felt that there was a beauty in the design of letters and numbers that qualified them to be seen as a work of art in their own accord. Lubalin stated once that, “What I do is not really typography, which I think of as an essentially mechanical means of putting characters down on a page. It's designing with…

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  • Informative Speech On Herbs

    Statement: to inform my audience of three herbs used as medicine that make us live healthier. Introduction Good afternoon, my friends. By the recent studies in the last two decades, “The World Health Organization reported that over 80% of the global market rely on herbal medicinal products… Medicinal herbs are also available in the market as raw plant material. Both herbs and herbal products are usually used as self-care to enhance wellbeing and to prevent and cure non-life-threatening…

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  • Herb Baumeister's Antisocial Behavior

    According to “Herb Baumeister and the Horrors of Fox Hollow,” Herb Baumeister was the oldest of four children to the parents Herbert and Elizabeth Baumeister. Baumeister’s parents perceived him as being normal, except his love of watching documentaries about serial killers. One of Baumeister’s childhood friends recalls him as being a bit odd by recalling one of Baumeister’s favorite pass times which was to play with dead animals. On another occasion he recalls Baumeister leavening a dead bird on…

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  • Herb Kelleher: A Symbol Of Freedom

    A Symbol of Freedom According to Herb Kelleher “If you put your employees first and you take care of them, they will take good care of customers. Then, the customers will come back, and your shareholders will like that” (“Southwest”). Herb Kelleher has created a company that has been named among the five Most Admired Corporations in America (“Herbert”). Herb Kelleher is an American born entrepreneur, who created an extraordinary low cost airline with his bold innovations and many others have…

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  • Short Story Of Herb Tookey's One For The Road

    “One for the Road” was quite the interesting story. For a person like me who enjoys small horror, not to much or too little, this is the perfect short story. Herb Tookey took most of my attention in the story. He was the “wise elder” of the group, he always knew what to do to help and gave information when needed. When trouble came he answered and helped. As much as they tried to help Lumley, the man still ran into a trap. It all started when a man burst into Tookeys Bar close to closing time,…

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  • Healing Herbs And Dangerous Doctor By Jan Pylypa Summary

    Doctors are the main source of medicine in America. When someone is sick, they go to the doctor’s office. If we need surgery, we go to a doctor. There are many aspects of the medical system that is put into the hands of American doctors and most people do not question their doctors. In some countries this is not the case. In other countries around the world, there is less use of doctors to cure sicknesses. Instead the people, who are sick, go see shamans or herbalists. The article Healing Herbs…

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  • Character Analysis: A Trip To The Past

    A Trip to the Past Being a sailor during World War II was an emotional roller coaster. Herb Hanson, now 92 served during World War II. Growing up in central Minnesota, with loving parents, eight brothers and sisters, he left to fight a war, that he at the time didn’t fully understand. Herb was the only sibling to serve during the second great war. Listening to his stories, I felt like I was there in the middle of the war myself. The reason of this paper is to give you a glimpse at what it would…

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