Heritage High School shooting

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  • Jack The Ripper: Social Media Analysis

    In the first half of 2016, the United States alone has had over 136 mass shootings (by definition, an incident in which four or more people are wounded or killed), and is growing rapidly. (Gun Violence Archive) This topic in particular has been one of heavy discussion in the past few years, due to a wide range of interests. Is it because of the current implementation on firearm laws in the United States, or something much more sinister? In today’s world, the moment that a mass shooting erupts everything comes to a screeching halt and our nation’s attention turns towards it. With the increasing amount of social media that is enrooted in our daily lives, everyone knows about the situation within minutes. News outlets around the country compete to arrive first and begin covering the event and inform viewers of what’s going on. The coverage though, has a much deeper impact than most realize. A shocking percentage of perpetrators of mass shootings have committed their acts in search of recognition or fame via the media. Due to this, news outlets must expurgate their coverage of mass shootings,…

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  • The Montreal Massacre Analysis

    School shootings are something that we know about, in Canadian history they are something we aren 't oblivious to. The Montreal Massacre significantly affected Canada in terms of equality, justice and safety. Numerous individuals had differentiating perspectives on the massacre that took place. Many questions were raised: Why did Marc Lépine shoot and murder fourteen women, while leaving the men alive? Why was Lépine yelling "You’re all feminists?", yet shooting at women who guaranteed they…

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  • Danah Boyd's The World Is Not Falling Apart

    gone down. One specific topic that Pinker and Mack focused on in their article was mass shootings. They used data in order to create a graph of the trend of mass killings. In Figure 1 we can see how mass shootings have decreased immensely from 1945 to 2013. Figure 1: One type of mass shootings is those that are committed at school. Violence at schools has recently been popping up more and more frequently on the news lately. For instance there are the more known incidences of Sandy Hook,…

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  • How To Prevent Gun Control Essay

    all governments due to the tragedies of recent school shootings around America like Sandy Hook. So many were moved by what happened at Sandy Hook and tried to find ways to prevent this from ever happening again but this is no easy task. People all over the US today are seeing their gun rights put to the test even though they may not even know it. Government is trying its best to prevent gun violence without having people lose some of their freedoms. People everywhere…

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  • Essay On Gender Crime

    He killed three teenagers, injured three more teenagers and surrendered the same day of the shooting. He is one of the many male school shooters in history but what sets him aside from the rest was his lack of remorse and motive for the shooting. When he entered the courtroom, he removed his dress shirt to reveal a handwritten t-shirt that said “Killer” scrawled across the front. After receiving his sentence, Lane addressed the victims’ families and the courtroom by saying, “This hand that…

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  • Informative Essay On Luke Woodham

    of eight. He also claimed to have been severely bullied throughout his life. He said his classmate began picking on him as early as kindergarten. In a manifesto written he says “All throughout my life, I was ridiculed, always beaten, always hated” However, friends of Luke’s testified that his mother was “just a normal mom”. There are surely reports that Luke was bullied by his peers, but there are also reports that stated he wasn’t mistreated as badly as he alleged, or as badly as other peers…

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  • The Amish Project Character Analysis

    Anna, Carol Stuckey, Eddie Stuckey, America, Sherry Local, and Bill North. All seven of these characters are portrayed by the same actress, which initially adds to the confusion, but eventually as the audience familiarizes themselves with the dialect for each character, differentiating between them becomes as easy as if each character was portrayed by their own actor. As the show moves forward, the ambiguity of the situation dissipates through the information added by each character. Whether…

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  • Argumentative Essay: Freedom Of Prayer In Public Schools

    banned to pray in school. That moment of silence said after the announcement was considered saying a small prayer for the day which the people could not tolerate. Prayer in school was our religious heritage. Social benefits were made prayer in school. The supreme court disregarded the Establishment Clause in which it stated the freedom of religion. A simple silence does not express that they are school prayer. I believe that the supreme court thought the freedom of religion was freedom from…

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  • School Shootings And Bullying In Nineteen Minutes By Jodi Picoult

    The great majority of school shootings are perpetrated by victims of bullying. School shootings are deadly and alarming, but bullying is intimidating and greedy. These subjects intertwine together because bullying can lead to school shootings. School shootings and bullying both happen in a school environment. Bullying is an aggressive behavior usually among school aged children that involves a real or perceived power imbalance. A school shooting is an occurrence in which a student uses a gun at…

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  • Mental Health Safety Research Paper

    Physical safety and mental health have been common issues work places have come across and tried to deal with. In a number of ways, they have been able to diminish the amount of preventable injury through stricter training and regulation methods as well as imposing work-safe programs which give benefits for years gone by accident free. School systems offer security measures and rule based regulations to create safer learning environments for their students and staff. Mental health programs have…

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