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  • Education Of Black Boys Essay

    in comparison to the national figure of 57.3%. This finding remains consistent. The revelations of this finding will come as no surprise to many, but the surprise maybe the knock on effect of low attainment, lack of motivation and other environmental factors, such as money, designer cloths and an overall better standard of living has had an impact on the lives of young people. Consequently, this raise the question of “are black boys choosing to decline education for instant gratification”? It may be the case that the above mentioned…

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  • Death On The Rock Documentary Analysis

    show’s intent. While subscribing to the alternative perspective, This Week makes a clear point of not sympathising with the aforementioned terrorists. As explained by Schlesinger, Murdock and Elliot, the alternative perspective might often get accused of siding with the terrorists because of their will to offer equal treatment (1983, p. 17). The documentary’s disregard of the terrorists’ actions is achieved by their use of language, clearly addressing Farrell, McCann and Savage as “terrorists”,…

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  • Case Study: Air Force Dining Training Quota Management Center

    compensated with commercial messing. It seems that we are penalizing our junior members to pay more out of pocket to attend training that they are mandated to attend to execute the Coast Guards mission. The addition of adding BAS into the discussion has its merits; however, when asking a member what their BAS is used for they would say their family, not themselves. Additionally, there is no mention of BAS offsetting per Diem anywhere in the JTR; however, there is a statement in section 2020…

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  • Hypocrisy: Life In The Colony Of Britain

    growing by preventing us from trading with any nation and any country or company that isn’t wholly affiliated with them. Freedom would give us an opportunity to expand our horizons and trade with many other European countries. We could expand our exports to new parts of the world and simultaneously expand our tastes with new experiences and new products from a wide array of countries. Lastly as I mentioned before, this whole arrangement can be seen as a Parent and Child relationship between the…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Boot Camps

    program is boot camps for any offender including juvenile offenders. Boot camps are one variation of shock incarceration. Shock incarceration is a short period of incarceration followed by a sentence reduction(Clear, 2006, p.229). Boot camps however, are physically rigorous, disciplined, and demanding regimens emphasizing conditioning, education and job training. This is mostly designed for young offenders. The first boot camp was created in the state of…

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  • Youth Justice System

    3) references the two important principles of the youth justice system; to protect the well-being of the youth who has contact with the justice system and to guarantee that the consequences the youth faces are proportionate to the seriousness of their action and to their circumstances. The first principle regards the youth’s well-being, which is reflected in the belief that “young people should be detained only as a last resort”, in accordance with the UNCRC and the UNSMRAJJ 'The Beijing Rules…

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  • Juvenile Offenders Is An Alternative Method Of Programs

    In a Detroit News editorial article, Governor Rick Snyder proposes the state of Michigan needs to step up to do more for juvenile offenders. One of Governor Snyder’s proposals is to establish programs that would determine the best way to treat each offender (“Detroit News,” 2015). Keeping teens at home or in local treatment programs leads to keeping them out of prison as an adult. The reform would encourage a justice system that works in the best interest of the juvenile offender (“Detroit…

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  • Juvenile Population Characteristics

    themselves for that occupation. What also must be included as a factor is how a juvenile record will affect their chances of employment. In certain cases a juvenile offender may there records expunged. An expunged record is making a record unavailable through the state or Federal repositories. If a juvenile is able to get their record expunge; the likelihood of being hired increases. But what happens if a juvenile has no previous job training. The personality, priorities, and age of the…

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  • The Positive Effects Of The Prison System

    prison of UK Including 82023 male prisoners and 3959 female prisoners (National Offender Management Service and HM Prison Service, 2015). Those prisoners are 1.3% of the population (Office for National Statistics, 2015). The prison in England and Wales divide prisoners into different categories based their gender, age and security classification. Male prisoners that above 21 years old will be divided into four different categories. Those prisoners who have committed serious crimes, try to escape…

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