The Pros And Cons Of Boot Camps

Within the topic of criminal corrections in the United States, there are many practices or programs that have been created in order to possibly rehabilitate, enforce order, or deter a person or persons from committing the same crime(s) again. One of them that has struck many as a very positive program is boot camps for any offender including juvenile offenders. Boot camps are one variation of shock incarceration. Shock incarceration is a short period of incarceration followed by a sentence reduction(Clear, 2006, p.229). Boot camps however, are physically rigorous, disciplined, and demanding regimens emphasizing conditioning, education and job training. This is mostly designed for young offenders.
The first boot camp was created in the state of
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Not only do they provide the hard labor, discipline and job education, but they also emphasize on confidence boosters, self-esteem raisers, and leadership. Along with that, these offenders are also provided with a drug and psychological treatment depending on the offender and what crime(s) they have committed. Drug and psychological treatment programs within the boot camps program itself help to provide the offender with the proper support and positive reinforcement they need in order to get past whatever problem they may have.
If a teen or youth offender has a drug problem that has landed them in the situation they are in and it is not dealt, then yes, there will be a relapse of that issue after that person is released after completing the boot camp. The same goes for an offender who has psychological issues. The problem, if not handled and dealt with correctly, will reoccur again and again as they enter the real world. In saying that, these treatments are a huge importance when it comes to a new offender entering a boot

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