Role Of Juvenile Mentor And Youth Services Aide

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Juvenile Mentor and Youth Services Aide I am pursuing my A.A.S. degree in criminal justice in hopes of one day obtaining employment in the juvenile justice system, more specifically in the field of juvenile mentoring and rehabilitation. Growing up as a troubled youth myself and being part of the juvenile justice system I feel that I have something positive to offer to today’s youth. I have experienced many hardships throughout my adult life that I otherwise would not have experienced had I abided by the law as a teenager. I am a direct result of the positive influence that the juvenile justice system can have on an individual. There are several avenues one can travel while pursuing a career in the juvenile justice system. Each of the positions …show more content…
The Youth Services Aide responsibilities include but are not limited to the supervision, observation, security and rehabilitation of youth in a group living situation. This is considered a non-professional position and one may be required to work day, evening, or night shifts. There is no secondary education requirements for this position and the current listed salary for a Youth Services Aide is $24,595.20 - $36,489.60 annually. This is an entry level position with the Alabama Department of Juvenile Justice. The other pursuit is that of a juvenile mentor. A mentor, someone who teaches or gives help and advice to a less experienced and often younger person, would allow me to utilize past life experiences and the formal education I have received while obtaining my degree. Becoming a mentor to troubled youth would likely be a volunteer position that would coincide with my career as a youth services aide. My hope is to tell my story and lead with the knowledge of the mistakes I’ve made to make an impact on the youth of today. If I am able to reach out and help at least one person while in either of these positions I will have completed the greatest gift to society, and made all of my college study worthwhile. All of the struggles I have been endured and been faced with will finally be without

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