Should Juveniless Be Tried As Adults?

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percent increase in juveniles arrested for robbery. This included 90 percent of boys that were under the age of 16 (Hope #). This increase of arrests also correlates to an increased number of juveniles that are waived into the adult court system. Every year around 200,000 juveniles are sent directly into adults prisons (Hudson, Juveniles should not be treated as adults #). As these numbers of arrests increase in different states, states continually add more criminal offences that can be waived into the adult system (Hudson, Juveniles should not be treated as adults #). According to the campaign for youth justice in 2007, there are 7500 youths that are being permitted into adult jails at any day (Locked up: Should teens be tried as adults?). …show more content…
One side of this issue believes that juveniles should be tried as adults for their crimes for numerous reasons. To being, the juvenile system is viewed as ineffective, firstly that it is too lenient of violent offenders and is not equipped to deal with the more violent offenders that it sees in today 's times. As written by Linda Collier, “This system was developed with truants, vandals and petty thieves in mind. But this model is not appropriate for the violent juvenile offender of today” (Collier 40). Even though the severity and amount of crimes has changed, the juvenile justice system has not been reformed to meet these new changes. The punishments that can be assigned and the proceedings of the court have not evolved with the times which causes violent youth offenders to receive minimal punishments and continue to commit more crimes. The devastation that can ensue when a criminal is not punished severely enough can be found in the Darryl hall and Loette Jr. cases. Twelve year old Darryl Hall was abducted at gunpoint by three teenagers in southeastern

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