The Positive Effects Of The Prison System

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In recent years, the prison system has exposed a range of issues so that people start to consider about the meaning of the prison system and should society find the alternatives to imprisonment. We cannot deny the positive effects that prison system brings to the society. However, there are some problem really exist in the prison system. The aims of this essay are to consider the effects of the prison system and evaluate the comparative merit of alternatives to imprisonment. First part of this essay will introduce basic information of the prison in England briefly and criticizes evaluate the influence of the prison system. The second part of this essay will discuss some alternatives to imprisonment. After that, the essay will talk the positive …show more content…
Firstly, violate human rights of prisoners exist in some prisons. According to the article on the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, numerous prisoners live in inhuman condition (UNDOC, 2015). For example, obligatory strip-search degrading for those prisoners. A plenty of literature can prove that different types of sexual abuse happened in some prisons (Williams and Lockwood, 1982). The financial condition of government cause prison cannot offer prisoners with quality medical treatment. Overcrowded cells, lack of fresh air or outdoor activity and nutrition will cause mental and physical health issues of prisoners. Lack of quality armarium and medical staff will increase the illness of those prisoners who already have a health problem. Even the staff work in prison can be affected. Secondly, from the financial perspective, cost of imprisonment is not a small amount of money. Not every taxpayer would like to spend their money on prisoners (Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology, 2008). In the other hand, the financial situation of prisoners is a trouble as well. They will not have any income when serves their sentence, it can affect their family’s normal life. Some prisoners cannot afford even the lawyer fee and transport to prison for visits or communication will also cost their family. After prisoners released, they maybe cannot find a job to support themselves. As a result of that they maybe try to commit a crime again. Poverty and crime could become a circulation. In another aspect, prison will bring detrimental social impact. It will weaken the cohesion of society and damage the relationships. When a family member is imprisoned, it will make a negative influence for the relationship between this family. When prisoners leave prison, they may feel isolated of society because of them cannot be accepted by society and feel unfamiliar with it (UNDOC, 2015). At least,

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