British nationality law

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  • The Four Pillars Of Thatcherism

    nearly all social welfare measures had to be stricken down. Thatcher had come into a notoriously weak economy in Britain, and by the end of her time in office, the British economy saw a powerful recovery thanks to Thatcher. In lieu of varying levels of protest, Thatcher managed to restructure the British welfare state into an elitist fiscal bubble. The artificial control of inflation and deflation helped to regulate the distribution of available funds to Britain’s citizens, in favor of creating the demand for jobs in a specialized small-sector economy. To some Thatcher’s deliberate failure to provide for all people can be viewed as the reason for Britain having uneven distribution of private wealth, however her aim was to stabilize an economy, and her objective was completed by 1990 through precise fiscal policy derived explicitly from Thatcher’s individual…

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  • Presents From My Aunts In Pakistan Poem Analysis

    How is the theme, Cultural Identity reflected in the poems“Presents From My Aunts In Pakistan” by Moniza Alvi and “Search For My Tongue” by Sujatta Bahtt? The poems “Presents From My Aunts In Pakistan” and “Search For My Tongue” are both poems that convey the theme of Cultural Identity by personal experiences. “Presents From My Aunts in Pakistan” focuses on the idea of confusion and loneliness of belonging to two different cultures, while “Search For My Tongue” gives the reader an idea of the…

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  • The Importance Of Marriage Between Different Nationalities

    Marriage is a relationship between two people in which they can start to create a family, there are many different rules for marriage and every religion has its own rules and beliefs, and this relationship must be built on faith and loyalty. Marriage between different nationality helps people to know about other’s cultures, habits, break bonds between countries. On the other hand, some religions have rules on marriage from other countries or regions, for example Muslim women can’t marry other…

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  • Canadian Culture Analysis

    290-291) As such, a number of artists which perpetuated the image of the Indigenous in Canada were credited for appropriating the cultures through their art and literature. Emily Carr, for example, is widely accredited for her work on documenting Indigenous Canadian landscape and culture. The CBC acted as a vehicle for broadcasting this work to the rest of the nation, which aided in bringing otherwise unexplored territory to the fore. The limits, therefore, are not plain to see, as initially it…

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  • Essay On Zunera Ishaq

    Who gets to decide what is appropriate for an individual to wear during not only during the taking of oath of Canadian citizenship, but at any time in any place within the boundaries of our supposedly multicultural Canada? While this is not the first time they issues regarding dress have arisen within Canada, the case of Zunera Ishaq, drew considerable attention in 2015. In large part to the proximity to the federal election and a potential rising tide of Islamaphobia which began to permeate…

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  • Festival Of Nations Analysis

    wonderful opportunity to see how different cultures express their values and traits through commercial items from jewelry and clothing to sculptures and soaps. At all the tents, every owner seemed to take extreme pride in their wares. It reminded me of the way small business owners across America proudly sell “All-American” and locally produced goods. Despite no longer living in their home countries, these people had a deep respect and admiration for the land that brought them up. A lot can be…

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  • British National Identity Essay

    World War II, British national identity was challenged because the citizens of England went from living in an all-white bubble of white supremacy to seeing the people they colonized in the flat next door, or as a coworker in the factory, and eventually, as the labor needs shifted, as getting the job they applied for. Imperialism and white supremacy ensured that British national identity was sure to be challenged when people British nationals had been taught were inferior came into their world.…

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  • Diversity In Canada

    Since then, Canada has been home by many people migrating from different aspect of the world, and known as the most diverse country in world as of now. Despite of that, Canada have been through a lot of challenge and acceptance to able to consolidate each individual and make a strong and peaceful country. From past to present, the Canadian government is still dealing with a lot of issues in relation to build a unite society, sadly there are still some conditions that influence many ethic groups…

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  • Protection And Unequal Alliance Analysis

    Gilles Havard’s article “Protection” and “Unequal Alliance”: The French Conception of Sovereignty over Indians in New France describes the way Indigenous people living in New France were perceived by the French authorities, the degree of citizenship that Indigenous people were given, and how these concepts of sovereignty affected the Indigenous communities both positively and negatively. In France, citizens were considered “regnicoles” (Havard, 2013) – citizens who had the full breadth of the…

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  • Hypocrisy: Life In The Colony Of Britain

    have suffered much over great amount of time. Almost every reason we have suffered has been due to the British and their fellow loyalists who walk among us. The inflict taxes on us that make it harder to live in this already arduous colony. It takes guts, strength and will to live here unlike back in the pampered villages of England. We must maintain every penny and every square foot of land to help us succeed. I know many of you may see what I’m saying as hypocrisy, but it is not. The British…

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