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  • Australian Identity Analysis

    Across the twentieth century historians have interpreted Australian national identity in a variety of ways, often promoting their own specific views. Here, I shall delineate and give a brief overview of how Australian national identity has been interpreted by some historians. Over the twentieth century, Australian national identity can, in general, be separated into three time periods. Firstly, during the pre-second world war period, national identity was overwhelmingly based on being British. Secondly, after this time, there emerged the idea of an Australian identity based on 'bush folklore ' as championed by the likes of Ward. However, many have criticised the ideas of such an identity as myth, arguing that the promoters of this view were…

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  • While Peacekeeping Fails: An Analysis

    On April 1982, the Argentine military invaded a series of islands referred to as Falkland Islands. They rapidly overcame the small garrison operated by British marines and rapidly stationed troops in the islands (Encyclopædia Britannica para 2). In response, the United Kingdom undertook a counter-invasion and occupation of the islands to deny the Argentinians from claiming sovereignty over the archipelago. It took almost two months of combat, in which combat casualties exceeded a thousand…

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  • Similarities And Differences Of Ten Canoes And The Fast Runner

    Response 1 Differences – There are many similarities and differences between Ten Canoes and The Fast Runner. Both are in reference to indigenous people, however, both films also explore stories which provide the audience with a deeper understanding of each tribes’ customs and laws. There are moments in each film which are similar such as having more than one wife or knowing ones place within the community. On the other hand both also have many differences as well for example, . Some of the…

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  • Canada's Constitutional History

    Royal Proclamation was preceded by the Seven Years war from 1756 to 1763 which, in North America, was namely the struggle between France and Britain for control over the colonial lands. The Seven Years War ended with the signing of the Treaty of Paris and decided the territory of New France was to be turned over to the British. The successes and failures of the Royal Proclamation initiated the conditions of the Quebec Act. It was passed as an effort to curb French discontent towards the British…

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  • The Economic Impact Of European Imperialism In The Late 19th Century

    During the late 19th century, European nations began expanding their territories by seizing control of foreign lands. Large superpowers such as England, France, and Belgium, scrambled to gain lands overseas, especially in Africa. The main purpose of this movement was to solidify national prestige, and to improve economic status. While both factors greatly impacted The European imperialism of late 19th century, Economics held a Stronger influence than nationalism, because while the principles of…

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  • Reasons For The Battle Of Saratoga

    motivation for the American colonists, they had a reason, an incentive to fight, whereas the British soldiers had little if any motivation aside from being ordered to fight. Before the war began, parliament had multiple discussions about whether or not the colonists had the same rights as British citizens, the majority believed that they had and thus deserved the same liberties as well…

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  • What Are The Negative Events That Affect Freedom And Democracy At Home

    negatives and positives helped the country and world later in time. One of the events that affected freedom at home and abroad was the Spanish-American War. The event that sparked the war was the explosion of the ship U.S.S Maine on February 15, 1898. No one knew what had happened later found to be an accidental explosion. At the time though, the press blamed Spain for the explosion of the Maine and people agreed to go to war with Spain. The war was short, only four months in total. After the…

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  • Jurisdictional Scan Case Study

    examines foreign credential recognition in Australia, as well as in the provinces of Alberta and British Columbia, Canada. The scan will first identify high-level policies towards foreign credential recognition, and then specifically policies for the profession of engineering. The findings will inform strategic directions for the province of Ontario, Canada. The paper has selected Australia, and the provinces of British Columbia (B.C.) and Alberta due its similarities to Canada and the province…

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  • What Caused The Great Depression In Germany

    a major military force again. Its multiple provisions required Germany to pay harsh reparations for the war, both in money and territory. In addition, it placed a limit on Germany’s military size. Thus, Germany spiraled into a financial and political crisis, and its citizens looked desperately for a new leader. They chose Adolf…

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  • British Empire Causes

    The Cause of Colonial Disconnect from the British Empire The American Revolution was a historic event that shaped the future of the world, creating the most powerful nation currently on the political scene. However, the United States would have never flourished into the nation it is without the spark of rebellion that occurred in the original thirteen colonies. This spark was caused by multiple mistakes, conflicts and misunderstandings between the British and the Colonists, and contributed to a…

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