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  • The Importance Of Marriage Between Different Nationalities

    Marriage is a relationship between two people in which they can start to create a family, there are many different rules for marriage and every religion has its own rules and beliefs, and this relationship must be built on faith and loyalty. Marriage between different nationality helps people to know about other’s cultures, habits, break bonds between countries. On the other hand, some religions have rules on marriage from other countries or regions, for example Muslim women can’t marry other men with different religion that Islam. Despite the fact that some people think that marriage between different nationalities might not be a good idea because they will face difficulties in their life and culture conflict, I among other believe that it…

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  • Presents From My Aunts In Pakistan Poem Analysis

    How is the theme, Cultural Identity reflected in the poems“Presents From My Aunts In Pakistan” by Moniza Alvi and “Search For My Tongue” by Sujatta Bahtt? The poems “Presents From My Aunts In Pakistan” and “Search For My Tongue” are both poems that convey the theme of Cultural Identity by personal experiences. “Presents From My Aunts in Pakistan” focuses on the idea of confusion and loneliness of belonging to two different cultures, while “Search For My Tongue” gives the reader an idea of the…

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  • Canadian Culture Analysis

    A close examination of the type of national culture produced and promoted by institutions such as the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, and the National Film Board of Canada, is guided and defined by a climate of desire to cultivate a national identity that would set Canada’s global image aside from external influence. The vast landscape and great distance between various communities within Canada posed a challenge to uniting the country under one image of nationalism. The establishment of such…

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  • Illegal Immigration Legal Issues

    Immigration is happening at a very high rate, some legally and many not legally. Approximately 11 million people live undocumented in the U.S.(Immigration notes). All immigrants have arrived from what is known as the front door, side door, and back door policy. Front door policy is when a person arrives to be a permanent citizen by going through the legal steps to be a citizen (Immigration notes). First they become a naturalized citizen and are here in a legal long term residency which after so…

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  • Festival Of Nations Analysis

    wonderful opportunity to see how different cultures express their values and traits through commercial items from jewelry and clothing to sculptures and soaps. At all the tents, every owner seemed to take extreme pride in their wares. It reminded me of the way small business owners across America proudly sell “All-American” and locally produced goods. Despite no longer living in their home countries, these people had a deep respect and admiration for the land that brought them up. A lot can be…

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  • The Importance Of Citizenship In Modern Society

    citizenship policies. This perspective supports pluralistic understanding and practice of citizenship. It mainly grounded in human rights, common laws, duties and mutual responsibilities between people. Today many people have dual or multiple citizenships by default. For instance, the expansion of transnational connections and international mobility, where immigrants live with one foot in their homeland and one foot in their host societies. This process creates ethnic or cultural communities…

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  • Dual Nationality Case Study

    the age of 21, Abdulla decides to apply for German nationality. However there is one condition of German naturalization which is renunciation of Abdulla’s prior nationality. Although this condition can be exempted on a ground where it is hard for a person to renounce his prior nationality. Abdulla contacts the Turkish consulate to renounce his Turkish nationality and never…

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  • The Importance Of Citizenship

    citizenship for the children of resident citizens makes moral sense as a practice because it acknowledges the realities of the child’s relationship to the community and the fundamental interest [he] [or] she has in maintaining that relationship (Carens, 25).” What Carens is explaining is that by granting citizenship at birth provides a relationship with the community and the child in which they may wish to maintain later on in life, considering they continue to reside there. Carens notes that…

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  • 1965 Immigration And Nationality Act

    More than five decades after the 1965 Immigration and Nationality Act, many immigrants in the United States still follow the foundations of this immigration law. Also known as the Hart-Cellar Act, the legislation introduced a new age of mass immigration and impacted the lives of millions of new Americans. The fundamentals of this act are family reunification and employment preferences, which are still maintained in any reform efforts. The 1965 Immigration and Nationality Act replaced the…

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  • Nationality In Emily Carr's Thunderbird

    Nationality is a concept which is subjective; it means different things to different people. It can be altered in a person's mind through experience. Emily Carr's Thunderbird (fig. 1) is an example of how people's perception of nation (whether by people outside of that nation, or people within it) can be shaped by a few influential individuals. Whether intentionally political or not, an artist's view of their country is often directly shown in the way they paint it. Similarly, a non-artist's…

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