Native American mascot controversy

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  • Essay On Native American Mascot Controversy

    Native American Mascot Controversy Since the 1960s, the Native American mascot controversy has been a prominent debate. To many indigenous communities, the usage of their cultural depictions in high school, college, or at professional level, some sports teams’ choice of mascots are offensive. Others disagree, noting that it stands as a symbol of pride for their establishment and insist they have the right to keep it that way. The National Collegiate Athletic Association-the group who regulates college sports-is still determining whether or not certain usages are appropriate and banning those who are not. The only exception of being exempt to the rule is when the school maintains ties with the tribal name they use (Wulf). While there are many…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Keeping Native American Mascots

    A mascot can be a person, animal, or object and it is there to bring good luck to the sports team and also used for merchandising. The mascot and team name controversy came about because of sports teams using Native American names and symbols for their mascots and team names (Wulf, 2014). During a football game, Indian dress, songs and chants, dance and sacred traditions were used. There are two conflicting viewpoints surrounding the controversy. One viewpoint believes that keeping Native…

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  • Indian Mascot-You Re Out Analysis

    Indian Mascots- You’re Out! The article “Indian Mascots- You’re Out” written by Jack Shakley in August 2011 and published by the LA Times. Shakley argues that Indians mascots are making fools out of the race and that mascots with Indian names should be banned. The author feels like his race is being humiliated. In the article “Indian Mascots- You’re Out” the author Jack Shakley talks about his times growing during Indian stereotypes. The author wants to prove whether or not Native Americans…

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  • Native American Mascots Pros And Cons

    Mascots have caused much controversy dating back to the 20th century. The mascot causing the most controversy is the Native American. Other mascots such as Arabians, Irish, and African Americans to name a few also have issues with being derogatory and racist. There are two sides to the story: the side who think it’s honoring the minority races in America while others thinks it’s racist and dishonoring. The controversy of mascots seems to be a never ending battle that could very easily be argued…

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  • Stereotypes Of Native Americans Essay

    Native Americans have endured harsh and cruel punishment since the establishment of the United States of America. Native Americans were murdered, raped, stolen from and placed on a reservation. Now Native Americans have to deal with their culture being stolen as well. The country is divided on this issue. Countless Americans feel it is okay to steal another race’s culture and exploit it for financial gain. The United States census of 2010 shows that Americans Indians only make up 1.7 percent of…

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  • Art Education's Role In The Indian Mascot

    Racism American Style and Resistance to Change: Art Education’s Role in the Indian Mascot Issue By: Elizabeth M. Delacruz According to Racism American Style and Resistance to Change: Art Education’s Role in the Indian Mascots by Elizabeth M. Delacruz says that the use of Indian Mascots it is not educational but rather discriminative. This affects the Native Americans, children, and even the community. Discrimination against people is used daily but it is how you use it that makes it effective.…

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  • Appropriating Native Americans Imagery Honora No One But Immigrants Analysis

    Not many years could I not relate to Author Stretten Amy who wrote “Appropriating Native Americans Imagery Honora No One But Immigrants” that at one point of my life I was also called a Native American just because I was light skin and after reading this article she seemed to be in her feelings to much and basically stated that the way her school was honoring Native Americans was rude and offensive in her view.She begins building her credibility by starting with personal facts, reputable…

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  • Native American Stereotypes

    culture or Native American culture (Webster’s 69). The fusion and hybridization of cultures is a common practice and can be beneficial to the progression of society, but it can also be harmful if abused. For example, many people consider the use of Native American imagery in sports to be a harmless practice, while…

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  • Modified Racism

    Native Americans or American Indians are often depicted as the mascots of sports team, the brands of automobiles, and the logos of many food and tobacco products. Many believe that these depictions are honoring the indigenous people of the United States. However, these are ultimately harmful representations. In the 2014 Journal of Communication Inquiry 38(3) article, “How Many More Indians? An Argument for a Representational Ethics of Native Americans,” Debra Merskin reflects on how…

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  • Abolishment Of Native Americans In Sports

    This is a constant injustice that Native Americans have had to deal with since the beginning of sports. Different variations of Native American imagery have been used as mascots for sports teams of all types and of all levels. There are countless high school, college, and professional athletic teams that label themselves as the Indians or have mascots that are known as Indians. Since the 1960s, people have been fighting this injustice by trying to abolish Indian mascots on sports teams. The 1970…

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