The Importance Of Marriage Between Different Nationalities

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Marriage is a relationship between two people in which they can start to create a family, there are many different rules for marriage and every religion has its own rules and beliefs, and this relationship must be built on faith and loyalty. Marriage between different nationality helps people to know about other’s cultures, habits, break bonds between countries. On the other hand, some religions have rules on marriage from other countries or regions, for example Muslim women can’t marry other men with different religion that Islam. Despite the fact that some people think that marriage between different nationalities might not be a good idea because they will face difficulties in their life and culture conflict, I among other believe that it …show more content…
Marriage between different nationalities helps people to know different cultures and habits. Some people think that marriage between different nationalities is a bad idea or useless because they will face problems In their life, like residence place because it could lead to problems between married, but this is incorrect because they should reach on agreement on the suitable place depending on benefits and utilities. Living style and language could also be a huge problem it could block them from communicating and the style living also varies between each region, but this is irrelevant because if they want to live with each other they should find a proper way of living together. customs and traditions also prevents the contract way between them but this is incorrect because they could get adapted to it. It also improves country economical status and lets people know about different culture, making residence papers requires money and renting a house has its own taxes payed to the government. Moving to new countries allows people to know about different cultures and traditions, also makes you know new languages and proves that the knowledge every human has is small compared to the world knowledge. In contrast children would learn how to grow in a gentle and peaceful way compared to other children because there will be no stress in the family and also his

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