Personal Narrative: The Tractor Parade

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The town I grew up in was Charlotte, Vermont; it is located about 20 minutes away from Burlington, Vermont. Charlotte was tiny population sized compared to Burlington even though it was much bigger geographically. It was a small town, but it was an amazing place to grow up. Growing up I lived on over 200 acres where cows grazed in our front lawn. It was almost as if you had the best of both worlds living here because of how close the city was. There were many traditions that the town partook in, but one I will always remember is the Tractor Parade. This was every October and it was always something to look forward to.

The Tractor Parade consisted of basically everyone who lived in the town dressing their tractors up and going on a town tour. Many of the tractors had hay wagons on the back that could fit up to thirty people. Usually, people would gather in the market square and watch each tractor go by. A lot of times people would throw candy out of the tractors into the crowds. The parade was always awesome because it was a chance for the whole town to come together and celebrate. It was more of a full day event than just a tractor parade. Throughout the entire day, there were events that ranged all sorts of different events. Some included pie eating contests, apple bobbing, archery contest and all sorts of other festivities. It was so funny growing up here because it seemed perfectly normal for everyone to have his or her own tractor. This really changed for me when I moved to
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Growing up in two such diverse places made me who I am today and I wouldn’t want to change that for the world. Moving at such a young age just showed how much of the world I had yet to see. Much has changed since then and I have become an international traveler. Seeing all different parts of the US and parts of Europe and South America. The world is a big place that was meant to be

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