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  • The Mabo Case Analysis

    they settled here, or whether it did/does in actual fact belong to the indigenous peoples. The High Court decided that terra nullius should not be applied to Australia, which was yet another huge turning point for the ATSI people as it recognised Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander rights and acknowledged their unique connection to the land. This decision also lead to the Native Title Act of 1993 which further recognised that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have rights to, and interests in, certain land because of their traditional laws and customs. These events are important because dispossession and denial of land was the first act in the relationship between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and Europeans. “Native title is very important to us because it has allowed us to get our country back, to protect our spirits and sites, to go camping, hunting and fishing. Before native title we never had any recognition as traditional owners, we had no rights in our own country. Now we feel empowered.” (Nyaparu Rose, Nyangumarta Elder, Western Australia). The Mabo decision and the Native Title Act are examples of society’s continual changing attitudes towards ATSI people (especially regarding legislation) and the constant battle…

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  • Aboriginal Land Rights

    longer then anyone could remember. He claimed they had lived in permanent communities and had their own political and social organisations in their community. The qld government began to try and take over the native Aboriginals way of life on mer island.But Mabo felt so strongly on this issue that he lead a court case trying to deny the government any chance of taking their land but the case also aimed to allow…

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  • Eddie Mabo Case Study

    ownership and inheritance of the land (Reconciliation Australia, 2014). A lawyer overheard Mabo’s speech and approached Mabo if he would like to challenge the Australian Government in the court system to settle the issue on who are the rightful owners of the Land on Murray Island, Mabo agreed (Reconciliation Australia,). Mabo’s case went on for 10 years (Korff, 2015). On the 3rd of June 1992, The High Court ruled that the British Crown had gained a title to the land of Australia. The…

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  • Mabo V Queensland Case Study

    court decision was finally handed down in June 1992 five months after Eddie Mabo had passed away. Eddie Mabo had died on 21 January 1992. His Passion and hard work were recognised when he was selected as an Australian of the Year on January 26th 1993 by the Australian newspaper. According to Access and Justice 12e “All the Judges except Justice Dawson agreed that there was a concept of native title at common law. The nature and content of native law was determined by the character of the…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Torres Strait Islanders

    a part of Queensland, there were land title problems for the Islanders and the problems led the Mabo Decision. Traditionally, the Islanders have had strong connection to their land and the sea, for example, their myth and the hero stories relate to each island (Beckett 1983, p. 203). However, the annexation to Queensland actually meant the islands ‘became part of the British Dominions’ (Kidd 1993, p. 35). The land to be owned others, not Islanders, may have caused the Torres Strait people to…

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  • Australia National Identity

    “discovered” back in 1770 as a rationalisation for Britain to take the legal entitlement to its sovereignty and ownership. However, the European powers could claim and take possession of a certain area only if they had acquired the consent of the natives, while the Aboriginal People as the sovereign owners of Australia had never ceded nor encountered any sort of treaties with Britain. This naturally led to the dispossession and denial rights of the existing true citizens of Australia who had…

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  • Mabo Case Study

    the policies of Terra Nullius and Crown Land were seen as an unfair violation, and no representatives from the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community decided to litigate it in court until Mabo and others from Murray Island took initiative. Eddie Mabo 's campaign for civil rights succeeded through legislation such as the Mabo Decision, Native Title Act, and the Wik Decision. Their campaign was highly effective in the way of Aboriginal civil rights; the Mabo case and its subsequent…

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  • Hotel Bone Poem Analysis

    rights for Australian Indigenous People. He was born on Murray Island. He was adopted by his uncle. When he was sixteen , he was expelled from Murrey Island because of breaking island laws. He worked various jobs , then he married Bonita Nehow in Townsville. He started work as a gardener at James Cook University. In there he learned about Australian land ownership laws , and he decided to fight to change laws. In 1982 , Mabo and four other Torres Strait Islanders began action against the…

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  • How Did Mabo Treat The Australian Indigenous People

    Mabo died on the 21st of January 1992 only five months before the High Court’s final decision. His last years alive were spent with his passion for the case, without his commitment the case would not have existed or gone much further than the beginning. The final decision was finally made on June the 3rd 1992. The High Court ruled a six-one majority vote that the Meriam people held native title over Murry Island. This decision wasn’t just huge for the people involved in the campaign and the…

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  • Universal Declaration Of Human Rights Essay

    land they lived on. Upon the arrival of the British, areas of traditional and sacred areas of indigenous tribes were claimed for the British Empire with total disregard to the connections to the land the indigenous people had. The British colonists took control of land without agreement or payment to the indigenous people. The High Court stated that Australia was not at all Terra Nullius (land belonging to no one) at the time of British invasion. The decision acknowledged the rights of…

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