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  • Pros And Cons Of Social Media Reports Of A Natural Disaster

    The use of social media has rapidly increased within the past decade, making it a prime source of communication for people all around the world. An example of how people are implementing social media is by sharing information before, during, and after the occurrence of natural disasters to keep others informed. Sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram have become tremendously popular in aspects like reporting the news. Most news channels now have apps, blogs, and social media accounts. Though, many people may feel as if the information about disasters being reported is inaccurate due to the source of where someone recorded it from. Overall, social media is a benefit in the concept of disaster awareness because it is the fastest method of communication between billions of people,…

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  • Natural Disasters In Haiti

    The writer of the essay above talks a lot about all the natural disasters the the Haitian people endure all the time. They have to deal with deaths and rebuilding their homes. The author makes it sound like maybe the earth is doing these things on purpose to Haiti. I don't think this is true, I think this area is just more prone to natural disaster. The reason I think Haiti is not just a victim to earth's cruelness is because the earth doesn't decide where and when these things are going to…

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  • Rome's Natural Disasters

    During the reign of Marcus Aurelius, the last of the five good emperors, many natural disasters occurred. The Tiber River flooded; famine hit, and the army brought back plague from the East. All of these resulted in a major loss of population and a shortage of military power. Many of the Romans believed that these disasters foreshadowed a worrying future for Rome. This belief was proven by the presence of new problems after Marcus Aurelius died. Marcus Aurelius appointed his own son as his…

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  • Natural Disaster Epidemiology Essay

    Control (CDC) (2012), disaster epidemiology refers to the use of epidemiology for assessing the short and long term health effects of disaster in order to predict consequences for future disasters. However, it is futile to understand the health effects of disasters outside a concise definition of what actually constitutes natural disasters. To this effect, Watson, Gayer, & Connolly (2007) define natural disasters as catastrophic events of geologic, hydrologic, and atmospheric origins such as…

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  • Process Analysis Of Natural Disasters

    Topic Suggestion #1: Natural Disasters and How to get Ready for It Analysis: Self: I often worry about natural disasters because I live right on the San Andrea’s Fault. Also, when I see the world news, I always hear that many people died because of natural disasters. I experienced many earthquakes, but my family was not ready for earth quakes. We do have emergency foods and lights, however, most objects in my house will fall once a major earth quake starts. When I was in middle school, around…

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  • Natural Disasters In Popular Music

    When natural disasters are referenced in pop culture, they rarely carry a connotation other than chaos and catastrophe. As soon as someone hears the term “natural disaster”, his mind quickly jumps to an impactful event that somehow represents sorrow, loss, and disorder. These connotative words are especially helpful to musicians who are struggling to find a universal, relatable way to communicate the feelings and emotions in their lives. For this reason, despite the fact that there have been…

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  • Exxon Valdes: A Natural Disaster

    David Kamien (2012) describes natural disasters as events that are a direct result from the Earth; to include floods, earthquakes, tornados, hurricanes, viruses, and volcanoes. The example of a natural disaster chosen to be reviewed for this essay is earthquakes. The United States Geological Survey (2016), describes earthquakes as a direct result of stress associated with friction which then releases energy causing an earthquake. there have been two major earthquakes in the United States, the…

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  • Natural Disasters In New Orleans

    With a vast variety of flourishing tourist attractions, New Orleans was a lively city located in the state of Louisiana, and neighbors Mississippi. Although there had been widespread natural disasters in the past, nothing could compare to the unforgettable tragedy of Hurricane Katrina. This devastating topic was chosen to be written about because of my fascination of such natural disasters, and admiration for people. My aspirations to become involved in the field of psychology in the future…

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  • Natural Disasters Of Hurricane Katrina

    Two of the United States worst natural disasters in money lost and life lost has been form hurricanes. The to hurricanes that steps up from the rest have been hurricane Sandy in 2012 that hit the northern east coast and hurricane Katrina that hit the southern east coast in 2005. A hurricane is a tropical cyclone that is rotating low pressure system that has organized thunder storms with no front boundary separating two air masses of different densities. Tropical cyclones with sustained surface…

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  • The Dust Bowl: A Natural Disaster?

    unprecedented importance in American history. Everything from the Industrial Revolution’s transformation of the American infrastructure to the World Wars’ strengthening of American political presence throughout the world have helped propel the United States to the great nation it is today. There is one incident that occurred in the 1930’s, though, that is often overshadowed by the occurrence World Wars and Great Depression; the Dust Bowl. The Dust Bowl was a massive drought centered on the…

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