Natural family planning

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  • Inner Conflicts

    Eventually, the natural sources of the world would run out so it is important that we should prevent this from occurring soon by controlling our population. Because of this, I would agree with the components of the RH Law. It is evident that contraceptives have the potential to reduce the problem regarding overpopulation. By allowing contraception methods to be accessible to the public especially the poor, the less privileged would have the chance to provide a better future for their families through family planning methods. It would be favorable to the society especially to women if the amount of unplanned pregnancies would decrease significantly because of this. However, like what the RH Law insists, it is equally important if the public is aware and educated about the contraception methods that they would utilize. In this way, they could properly plan the amount of children that they are capable of…

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  • Unintended Reproductive Health

    Reproductive health relates physical, mental, and social wellness to the functions and processes of the reproductive system. It emphasizes the rights and freedoms to reproduce safely and follows both men and women through all stages of life. However, the topic of reproductive health is heavily debated in both politics and the medical field. Among the most controversial reproductive health topics is the use of contraception, more specifically the morality surrounding the topic. Personally, I find…

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  • China's One Child Policy Research Paper

    ENGL 1202 12 November, 2015 One is the Loneliest Number: The Family Planning Policy in China (First Point) The adverse effects of the one child policy has not only devalued China’s economy, but women in general. Once a daughter marries, she becomes obligated to her husband’s family and is only expected to care for her husband’s parents, leaving her own without any support in their old age. The policy has made a very clear social statement to the citizens of China: that survival and comfort lies…

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  • Argumentative Essay: My Abortion My Life

    practice of contraception and comprehensive sexuality education” (38). Not only does this prevent young individuals to learn the necessary information they need to know about their bodies, but this sets a mind set that could potentially make them prejudice against anyone who receives an abortion. One of the stories on My Abortion My Life shows this shame of religious practices. “[She] was 18 when [she] had the abortion... It 's taken [her] a long time to come to terms with what happened 26 years…

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  • Under-Age Birth Control Essay

    Considering the Ethics of Under-Age Birth Control Introduction A 16-year-old girl visits a birth control clinic and asks to be put on the pill. Since she is a minor, the clinic doctor who writes the prescription for her notifies her parents of the action. As of the year 2016, there are only 26 states that allow minors (12 years and older) to obtain contraceptives without parental consent. There are 20 states that allow certain minors to obtain contraceptives without parental consent and those…

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  • Planned Parenthood

    stress to the mother which could lead to most of the severe mental side effects of having an abortion. Also it’s a possibility that the mother may end up leaving the child to an orphanage because she can’t raise it and could not or did not have an abortion. The 1966 orphanage crisis in Romania shows what could happen when women don’t have access to abortions. 150,000 newborns were left at orphanages where they grew up and developed severe mental problems such as reduced brain size,…

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  • Family Planning In The Early 20th Century

    In the beginning of the 20th century, family planning as we know it today was restricted, controlled, and in some instances, unlawful. There was little to no education regarding the details of fertilization, because the cycle of ovulation was not defined until 1928 (Center for Disease Control, 1988). Additionally, all forms of contraceptives and any education regarding contraceptives were against the law (Jensen, 1981). These restrictions caused sexually active women to become pregnant often,…

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  • Health Intervention Paper

    improve oral health care for vulnerable and underserved populations, and to recommend ways to achieve this vision.” ( It is currently no in action but provides a strategic roadmap for future incorporation. Oral health is critical to one’s overall health and is an issue many face for lack of insurance and appropriate funds to pay for such necessary services. 3. Patient Safety and Clinical Pharmacy Services Collaborative (PSPC) • Developed by HRSA. “A guide to developing clinical…

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  • Investing In Planned Parenthood

    Asking for the defunding of the national reproductive health provider, an act that would make basic health care and services - including family planning - out of grasp for millions would be ill advised. The people that are requesting to eliminate federal funding to Planned Parenthood are ignoring research that has shown time and time again that publicly funded family planning is one of our government 's most cost-effective and smartest public investments. In the past couple years, Planned…

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  • What Is Reproductive Health And Sexuality An Important Part Of The Human Body?

    Reproductive health and sexuality is an important part of the human body. Being able to engage and sexual acts, and reproduce is the main reason for making sure you have a healthy body. Men and women should be able to receive and access any family planning method, that they need. Taking precautions and being able to control when you want to have a child, should always be in the right of the women. But in many countries women aren’t able to receive, afford safe and effective contraceptives. In…

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