Native American gambling enterprises

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  • Pros And Cons Of The Native American Casino Establishments

    The Native American Casino Establishments The Native American Indian casinos in the United States are a growing billion dollar industry collecting mass revenues from gamblers. I have been to several Native American Establishments in my nearly four years of being age legal to gamble in California. My friends and I love to explore the variety of Native American establishments that southern California has to offer, but some are more enjoyable then others because of pros and cons. The main feature that these casinos have in common is that they are always in the middle of nowhere far from the freeway and in rural empty, vast covered areas. With over sixty-one Native American casinos in California it is safe to say that the demand for gambling…

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  • Common Core Essay

    Allie Bidwell, an education reporter for the U.S. News and World Report, wrote an article about The Politics of Common Core where she talks about why states are retreating from the Common Core. She mentions in her article a quote from Rick Hess, a resident scholar and director of education policy studies at the American Enterprise Institute, “"People felt like they hadn 't been told about it," says the American Enterprise Institute 's Hess. "To people who were skeptical, they thought, 'How did…

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  • Competitive Federalism Essay

    Prompt: Construct and develop your commentary using the assigned reading provided to you on authored by Dr. Michael Greve. “The AEI Federalism Project” is a program established by the American Enterprise Institute to provide a forum for the discussion of American Federalism. Your work should be an original interpretation of the content of the article and will address and answer the following: Develop an explanation for the principle of federalism, Address the concept of competitive federalism,…

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  • American Education Policy Analysis

    thought to be flowing with amber waves of grain and plotted with purple mountains as it was put by Katharine Lee Bates in 1913. According to the Brookings Institute, in a report completed by Ron Haskins, Richard Merman, and Isabel Sawhill, from October 2012, the literacy rates of students in the United States are far lower than any other industrialized country in the world. The American education system has been severely lacking in the ability to teach students throughout primary and secondary…

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  • Analysis Of Susan Page's Divided We Now Stand

    What do people think about when they hear the word politics? To further that, what do they think of when they hear the term polarization? Congress is in a constant battle between parties, and this, in turn, keeps us in an almost constant state of gridlock. Susan Page, Jim Douglas, Brian Resnick, and Norman Ornstein have all written articles explaining political polarization, civil discourse, or the solutions to these problems. In Susan Page’s article “Divided We Now Stand,” she mainly focuses on…

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  • Casino Gaming On Native Americans Analysis

    In New Capitalists: Law, Politics, and Identity Surrounding Casino Gaming on Native American Land, Eve Darian-Smith dives in and explicitly discusses the contemporary social issue in regards to Indian versus non-Indian oppositions about the growth of Indian reservation casinos. She begins by explaining the ill treatment of Native Americans in the United States from the time when Columbus came to shore and proceeds to explain how this led to their handling and stereotyping by the non-Indian…

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  • Cultural Differences Between Europeans And Native Americans

    eventual fighting between the Native Americans and European settlers, one must first learn the cultural differences between them. While, some Native American’s learned to “coexist” with new foreign settlers trading and interacting with them, other natives did not like these invaders and were eventually destroyed, usually by force. These new Europeans tried to bring their new way of life to the natives while these people just wanted to maintain their traditional and natural way of life. Native…

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  • The Great Stupa Essay

    important. Overall it appears quite plain and monotone, but further study and closer views showcase all the beautifully detailed carvings and figures. The Great Stupa, like many pieces of Indian art, served religious purposes, in this case Buddhist. It is one of many places of Buddhist worship. (Rathus 431) The large dome shape symbolizes sky, while the vedika, the stone fencing around the outside, symbolizes separation of the heavens and the earth. (Rathus 431) Ornate figures adorn the outside…

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  • Essay On Cultural Immersion

    Cultural Immersion (Native Americans) Prior to the Activity Perceptions, prejudice, stereotypes of Native Indians, prior to the activity were still alive and well. An Indian tribe consisted of chiefs and princess, seen as savages in pursuit of killing those of the European persuasion, scalping, living in tee-pees, stealing horses, and they all dressed alike. They were to be feared. As I matured I began to understand they were an oppressed people. An opinion was formed about this group at an…

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  • Skating Pond Tragedy Essay

    students possessed brutish dispositions. Assaulting the students’ speech abilities was not the only instance in which McKnight ridiculed the students. Later, McKnight discusses activities that took place at a graduation ceremony in which students seemingly embarrassed themselves in a variety of public spectacles such as climbing a greased pole and attempting to catch a greased pig; all of this happening while townspeople looked on and watched in amusement. The interaction between the students…

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