American Education Policy Analysis

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From sea to shining sea the United States of America is idealized as a nation that leads the world in every category imaginable, yet only places principally in three. The first being the amount of men, women, and children incarcerated per capita, the number of people that believe angels exist, and the United States leads the world in defense spending at 640 billion dollars, more than 20% of the yearly budget. Conversely, we are near the bottom in one specific classification that can lead to the demise of a country that is thought to be flowing with amber waves of grain and plotted with purple mountains as it was put by Katharine Lee Bates in 1913. According to the Brookings Institute, in a report completed by Ron Haskins, Richard Merman, and Isabel Sawhill, from October 2012, the literacy rates of students in the United States are far lower than any other industrialized country in the world.
The American education system has been severely lacking in the ability to teach students throughout primary and secondary schools across the country. Literacy skills displayed by students have been inadequate to date. Our students are not learning the literary and writing skills to the level they need to. Through an improvement of teaching standards, curriculum objectives, and learning strategies, which will all be explored in this paper, there is an
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When teachers aren’t meeting the standards necessary to properly educate the next generation of innovators, professors, and workers, it’s impossible for progress to be made successfully. Our education system is failing in its teaching possibilities in two distinct categories that make American educational prosperity nearly unachievable, STEM and English composition

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