Pros And Cons Of The Native American Casino Establishments

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The Native American Casino Establishments

The Native American Indian casinos in the United States are a growing billion dollar industry collecting mass revenues from gamblers. I have been to several Native American Establishments in my nearly four years of being age legal to gamble in California. My friends and I love to explore the variety of Native American establishments that southern California has to offer, but some are more enjoyable then others because of pros and cons. The main feature that these casinos have in common is that they are always in the middle of nowhere far from the freeway and in rural empty, vast covered areas. With over sixty-one Native American casinos in California it is safe to say that the demand for gambling
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According to Native American Tribal Casinos, in 2007 $26 billion dollars was made by all the Indian casinos in America.(n.p.) This number has only risen over the years, but it gives you an idea of how big this industry is and the uprising that it will only keep growing bigger in the future to come. . According to Native American Tribal Casinos, in 1988 congress passed the Indian gaming regulatory act which basically meant if the state allowed gambling that the Indians could built casinos in the state. The casinos are regulated by federal, state, and tribal enforcements (n.p). This law passed by congress gave the Native Americans a new rejoice that they would be allowed to start building casinos permitting the states laws for or against Indian casinos on the reservations. . These casinos must be tribal endeavor to be recognized as authentic Indian casino establishments. An interesting fact is that in Connecticut tribal casinos do not have to make financial records public. (Native American Tribal Casinos,n.p.) They also state that in Connecticut, legalized gambling is regulated by the Division of Special Revenue, which controls licensing, permitting, monitoring, and education.(n.p) This is special because nearly every casino is state ordered to report its revenue for the year so that it can be recorded for tax purposes. Although the casinos are run by their own government, the federal government still has criminal jurisdiction over cases involving theft, cheating, and fraud at tribal gaming operations, because such crimes are federal

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