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  • Spoken Language In Hong Kong

    in Hong Kong. As a meeting place between China and the West for more than one and a half centuries, Hong Kong has witnessed different modes of language contact. Under a high degree of extensive contact with each…

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  • Hong Kong Research Paper

    Introduction Hong Kong, currently a highly developed city which is also one of the most important financial center on the global stage, has been experienced a series of historical incidents which finally created a very distinctive, complicated yet dynamic and investigable background for it. Due to the colonial era under the administration of British and hand-over to China in 1997, Hong Kong people, or Hong Kongers, have been showing the changes of their identity through the different period…

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  • The Umbrella Revolution In Hong Kong

    Hong Kong has just experienced the first legislative council election after the largest protest in the decade in the history of Hong Kong namely the “Umbrella Revolution”. In the fall of 2014, a large scale protest and street occupation happened in Hong Kong. The main highway the centre of the city were occupied by the protestors and their tent-filled base camp. The protest was incited by two student activist groups, Hong Kong Federation of Students and “Scholarism”. People were uprising to send…

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  • Hong Kong Handover Case Study

    investigation is on the Hong Kong Handover, which is about the transfer of Hong Kong from British rule to Chinese rule. The question I will analyze is “To what extent did Hong Kong retain its original government immediately after the Hong Kong handover in 1996?” The method I will use to answer this question is by researching facts about the government before and after 1997 and analyzing what changed or stayed the same. In this section, I will investigate two sources: Hong Kong Government…

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  • Why The Hong Kong Umbrella Protests

    The Hong Kong Umbrella Protests Seventeen years ago Hong Kong was passed from British rule over to China. China vowed in the Hong Kong Joint-Declaration to operate under the policy of “one country, two systems.” The agreement was recently broken when the Chinese government located in the capital, Beijing, ordered that they would weed out the candidates that could and could not run for the 2017 election in Hong Kong. This proclamation has sparked nonviolent protesting not only in Hong Kong but…

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  • Cultural Violence In Hong Kong Protests

    The Hong Kong protests, also known as the Umbrella Revolution, began in September 2014 when activists in Hong Kong started to protest outside the Hong Kong Government headquarters and in several major city intersections, mainly due to NPCSC’s decision of disallowing civil nominations in future elections. It has become a stunning peaceful civil disobedience movement, able to bring together thousands of protesters. Although some violent outbreaks have happened, this conflict should be mostly…

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  • Urbanization In Hong Kong Case Study

    In the 1950s, there were many wealthy Chinese moved to Hong Kong illegally due to the civil war. After 1997, the SAR government launched a new migration scheme which allows 150 mainland residents move to Hong Kong every day. According to Census and Statistics Department, the percentage of net migration to total population increased is 71.5% in 2005. The problem of not enough housing estates for the rapid growth in population arosed. Other than that, the growing number of locals moved from rural…

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  • Econnectivism And Connective Education System In Hong Kong

    globe to review their policies and reform where necessary. In Hong Kong, the reform of the holistic education system in 2005 has introduced the new academic structure for Senior Secondary Education (SSE) at incremental levels which aims at equipping students for meeting the diverse needs of the society by offering alternative pathways to professional development and career pursuit. (Chan, 2010) In 2012, Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education (HKDSE) comprehensively replaced the two…

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  • Differences And Similarities Between Hong Kong And Western Culture

    The Differences and Similarities Between Chinese Culture(HK) and Western Culture(UK) No one will argue about Hong Kong is a multiculturalism city. Hong Kong was once colonized by the United Kingdom for over a century. At present, Chinese Culture of Hong Kong was already deeply influenced by other western culture, especially from Britain. From Language, Cuisine, Pop Culture, Literature, Architecture to Wedding style. Culture is the soul of every country, unique and sublime. As Gencel (n.d.) once…

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  • ASPO Case Study

    What is the Accountability System for Principal Officials in Hong Kong (ASPO)? Discuss the effectiveness of ASPO in operation. Introduction In 1998, the new Hong Kong International Airport opened in Chek Lap Kok. In the first day, the new Hong Kong international airport have many problem on it such as the fight information, the luggage system. It make the Hong Kong international image damaged. After this problem, the commission of inquiry need the Chief Secretary for Administration Chan Fang On…

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