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  • Michael And His Wife: A Short Story

    It has been almost one month since that incident with Michael and his wife. It took about three weeks for me to even fill comfortable sleeping in my own home. I became so jumpy and paranoid getting in and out my car until I just had to tell myself, enough is enough. I was no longer going to let some women make me afraid to live in my own home. It’s not like Michael had a key or anything. I stop by the health food store today and picked up some miso paste, portabella mushrooms, spring onions, shrimp, and seaweed to make me one of my favorite soups. This soup is ready to eat in 10 minutes flat. After I ate dinner, showered and now watching TV in my bed it this time when I think about my bait. At least that is what I refer to him as. I have known this man for more than two years and he still finds ways to creep back in my life and in my bed. It’s been about two weeks since we have shared each other and two weeks before that and I am in need of his fix. I sent him a text message right when I arrived home but haven’t heard anything yet. I must have dosed off when the doorbell rang followed by a knock on the door. Oh hell nah, I said out loud while grabbing my phone. I looked at the phone and it was a text message from my bait stating “I’m on my way”. I tip toed to the front door and listened again. Crystal, it’s me open up. My heart jumped with excitement as I opened the door. “Hey babe, he said as I opened the door” Why did you have the chain on the door babe, you…

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  • Nicki Minaj Thesis

    began. She said in an interview that it is her father who taught her how to cook, especially Chicken Curry. The first and only female rapper on Forbes Hip-Hop Cash King list Her music and rapping career began in 2004. However, in a short span, she managed to not only appear on the Forbes list of Hip-Hop Cash King list but also became the first female. So to say, she clocked no. 4 with an average earning of $29 million in 2013. She was discovered by Lil Wayne If you know Nicki Minaj, then…

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