The Umbrella Revolution In Hong Kong

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Hong Kong has just experienced the first legislative council election after the largest protest in the decade in the history of Hong Kong namely the “Umbrella Revolution”. In the fall of 2014, a large scale protest and street occupation happened in Hong Kong. The main highway the centre of the city were occupied by the protestors and their tent-filled base camp. The protest was incited by two student activist groups, Hong Kong Federation of Students and “Scholarism”. People were uprising to send their disappointment to both the Hong Kong and Beijing government after the long fight for universal suffrage of the Chief Executive of the Hong Kong government also urges the unpopular Chief Executive. Leung Chun-Ying to resign from the position. After actions of the student groups, the Hong Kong police force arrested the student leader. By that time, the protestors were intensifies and volleys of tear gas and pepper spray were fired by police officers. After that, more protestor joined and expanded the occupancy of streets of Hong Kong Island to Kowloon. In this protest, a majority of university students were associated with the boycott of classes and supported this protest. …show more content…
It also raised the political awareness of most of the Hong Kong people. Two years were passed and the government didn 't make new plans for the election for the Chief executive that scheduled in the 2017. Some of the Hong Kong people already think that the “Umbrella Revolution” already were failed to force the government to respond. However, different group of young activist in the protest formed a new political party and took part in the Legislative Council election and they were regarded as “Umbrella soldiers”. . They did not give up on the spirit that they were upholding and they tried to voice out their opinion in the Legislative

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