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  • Spoken Language In Hong Kong

    because of conquest, migration, trade and so on. Through those ways, speakers of one language would be brought into contacting with speakers who speak different languages. In some cases, people only borrow a few words from their own language to express their though; in others, a new language may be formed by people to communicate with each other. Therefore, different languages can have different outcomes. In China, this contact situation is quite a bit more general, especially in Hong Kong. As a meeting place between China and the West for more than one and a half centuries, Hong Kong has witnessed different modes of language contact. Under a high degree of extensive contact with each…

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  • ASPO Case Study

    What is the Accountability System for Principal Officials in Hong Kong (ASPO)? Discuss the effectiveness of ASPO in operation. Introduction In 1998, the new Hong Kong International Airport opened in Chek Lap Kok. In the first day, the new Hong Kong international airport have many problem on it such as the fight information, the luggage system. It make the Hong Kong international image damaged. After this problem, the commission of inquiry need the Chief Secretary for Administration Chan Fang On…

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  • Cheongsam Fashion Analysis

    The Cheongsam was first considered as ‘cool’ in the 1920s in Shanghai, and its audiences were the “students, teachers, and ladies from wealthy families” (Hong Kong Museum of History). Because the Cheongsam was a luxury garment in the 1920s, it was only affordable for members of the upper class, including celebrities and public figures. Looking at this from a rhetorical perspective and relating it to the logos of my argument, it would be safe to conclude that the Cheongsam was not just a…

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  • Fahrenheit 451, By Ray Bradbury: An Analysis

    Bradbury ironically depicts firemen as pyromaniacs whose main duty is to burn books in order to censor ideology and conflicting beliefs. Now one may rightfully assume that such a book with make-believe characters and settings has no resemblance to reality, let along to the media censorship in China. Yet that assumption could not be more wrong. Fahrenheit 451 symbolizes the reality of censorship that many in China live with during political unrests. But first, try to imagine living in Hong Kong…

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  • Monopolies In China

    in the world (worldbank.org). Roughly 98% of it is the poor, working class (dossiertibet.it). However, the unemployment rate is only 4.1 percent (tradingeconomics.com). Most of the people in the lower classes work for businesses, usually in factories with very low wages. They provide the companies of China with cheap labor with monthly incomes as low as 93 US dollars (dossiertibet.it). Because of this, they can sell their products at a more competitive price. It also allows the businesses…

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  • The Umbrella Revolution In Hong Kong

    Hong Kong has just experienced the first legislative council election after the largest protest in the decade in the history of Hong Kong namely the “Umbrella Revolution”. In the fall of 2014, a large scale protest and street occupation happened in Hong Kong. The main highway the centre of the city were occupied by the protestors and their tent-filled base camp. The protest was incited by two student activist groups, Hong Kong Federation of Students and “Scholarism”. People were uprising to send…

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  • Why The Hong Kong Umbrella Protests

    The Hong Kong Umbrella Protests Seventeen years ago Hong Kong was passed from British rule over to China. China vowed in the Hong Kong Joint-Declaration to operate under the policy of “one country, two systems.” The agreement was recently broken when the Chinese government located in the capital, Beijing, ordered that they would weed out the candidates that could and could not run for the 2017 election in Hong Kong. This proclamation has sparked nonviolent protesting not only in Hong Kong but…

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  • Foreign Domestic Helper Case Study

    Is the foreign domestic helper/worker and integral part to the Hong Kong family? Introduction: Hong Kong, the city that never sleeps, shadowing a thriving economy and rigid workforce system. As the years have gone by Hong Kong has created several job opportunities, from sweeping the streets, to being an investment banker. It is undisputed that people pursue job opportunities everywhere, these people, even include, parents. Parents have responsibilities when it comes to family, providing for…

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  • Michael Bay's Transformers: Age Of Extinction

    This movie artfullyportrays a cross section of people, from different cultures and different nationalities, in diverse and thoughtful ways. The movie’s international resonance only reinforces the fact that this story is truly meant for a global audience and not driven by any country.” The Transformers series is known for their huge box office hits in the United States, but until recently the focus has shifted to the Asian people and specifically the Chinese market due to the huge number…

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  • Cultural Violence In Hong Kong Protests

    The Hong Kong protests, also known as the Umbrella Revolution, began in September 2014 when activists in Hong Kong started to protest outside the Hong Kong Government headquarters and in several major city intersections, mainly due to NPCSC’s decision of disallowing civil nominations in future elections. It has become a stunning peaceful civil disobedience movement, able to bring together thousands of protesters. Although some violent outbreaks have happened, this conflict should be mostly…

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