Monopolies In China Essay

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China is an economic giant that has shaped the overall economic structure of the world. The traditional culture of China has also allowed for the unique system that China has. The Chinese government invests a significant portion of its money. The huge working class is a very strong asset for Chinese businesses. Because of the influence of Capitalism on the Communist country, China’s economic system allows for the existence of monopolies. China’s economy is more successful than those of other communist countries.

In the 20th century, China went through tremendous changes in the way its government was run and its economy was structured. The last dynasty of China, The Qing Dynasty, disapproved of trading with other
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Many countries don 't do this to the degree that China does because of the possibility of losing it. With China, there has, of course, been loss. However, it has, for the most part, been quite successful. Their money has more potential to grow as opposed to being protected in a bank. China has invested in multiple oil and other natural resource companies in other countries ( China 's economy is admittedly more unstable because of investing. However, the growth they receive because of it is …show more content…
Though the mainland does have some degree of capitalism, Hong Kong especially exemplifies this. From 1842 to 1997, the British were in control of Hong Kong. When it did rejoin China in 1997, it did so with the agreement that for 50 years after it rejoined China, Hong Kong would keep its capitalist economic system and voting system ( The island 's companies made almost twice the amount of money that was made on the mainland since 2012. Hong Kong is the main center for investment in China. It is also the most direct link for trade with the western world ( Hong Kong 's unique form of communism is vital to the overall economy of

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