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  • Chinese Pottery: Pop Art Analysis

    Chinese Pottery differs depending on the dynasty it was created in. When I was walking throughout the museum viewing all the different pieces of ceramics two pieces drew my eyes. The two pieces that I have chosen to write about are Bowl with Chrysanthemums and Bowl with children among vines. Both these pieces were done in China but at different points in time. Bowl with Chrysanthemums was done in China during the Ming dynasty which was the late 14th Century. Bowl with children among vines was done also in China but during the Northern Song Dynasty which was the 11th - 12th century. Bowl with Chrysanthemums is a piece that can be found in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. This piece was made in China during the Ming Dynasty. The Ming dynasty…

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  • The Art Of War: The Meaning Of Chinese Strategic Culture

    Chinese strategic culture It is very hard to define the meaning of strategic culture. According to Andrew Scobell, it is a persistent system of values held in common by the leaders or group of leaders of a state concerning the use of military force (Scobell 1999). Strategic culture consists of common beliefs, cultural assumptions, and behavior of individuals, based on shared experience and collective identification of a group’s relationship (Delios and Henisz, 2003). Research by Nisbett…

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  • Bless Me Ultima Reaction Paper

    could mean something important to what it is being associated with. Many mythical symbols have a beginning, such as the carp. There are stories about the origin of the carp, but those are not one-hundred percent true. “The real origin of those coloured creatures was in truth, more of an accident than by any real intentions and they are truly ‘man made’” (“Origins and Myths” 1). The carp was discovered unexpectedly instead of having a reason to, and it was made by man. The carp is sometimes…

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  • Motion Pictures Industry

    1.Introduction In retrospect, the Chinese motion pictures industry has been growing exponentially from 2012 to 2015.Drived by the integration of the whole cultural industry, penetration of financial capital and participation of Internet economy, the Chinese movie industry has been stepping into an era with vigor and vibrancy. The overall box office reached to 5.1 billion in 2014 from 2.2 billion in 2010 and the trend of national box office is still upward as shown in Fig.1.1.below.…

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  • Chinese Garden Art Research Paper

    Garden art is an art form which is generated under the guidance of philosophical and aesthetic ideology. Every nation has its own perspective on these aspects. Thus, garden art is necessarily closely related to culture it belongs to. As the symbolic representation of each Eastern and Western garden style, the Chinese garden and the Italian garden differ greatly, indicating some significant differences, expressing diverse philosophies, and showing different styles. In order to clearly understand…

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  • Hero Character Analysis

    martial art. In today’s day some of the technique has not changed, the writing system, and learning martial arts. The Chinese writing system is very unique; and it has complex signs instead of alphabets as we see in any other languages. The sign represents a word and traditionally it is written in columns and it can be read from top to bottom. The movie display the writing system taught in school from their Shifu (master). The writing was practiced on the sand with the use of wooden stick and…

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  • My Leadership Experience Essay

    However, this idea is challenged by my parents. My parents tell me to study business or science rather than art history because the latter is less likely to land me in a well-paid job. Having argued with my parents that I really like arts and will do well at studying it, I realized that I should put myself in their shoes and construct my arguments based on what they…

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  • Cheongsam Fashion Analysis

    who incorporate the traditional aspects of the Cheongsam, also known as the ‘qipao’, into contemporary designs. Designers have created works art with the Cheongsam that have…

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  • Analysis Of Professor Chang's Fateful Ties

    Fateful Ties, Professor Chang mentions that even if most American politicians supported Chinese government’s decision of trying to block the intrusive opium trade, the Americans still joined the opium trade in order to gain interests for America itself. In addition, even though historians present America’s awe of China as preoccupation, what American officials really value are wealth, opportunities and the idea of following Manifest Destiny. Therefore, even if Benjamin Franklin has chinaware all…

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  • Ip Man Film Analysis

    In order to understand and accurately analyze how directors illustrate honor in Chinese martial arts film, it is imperative that we understand honor’s origin, meaning, and modern connotation. Historically, honor has been an incredibly intricate and important concept in Chinese martial arts and it has its roots in some of China’s most revered philosophers. Honor in martial arts has evolved from two primary philosophies; loyalty and universal love. Loyalty is the sense of devotion to a group i.e.…

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