Chinese Garden Art Research Paper

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Garden art is an art form which is generated under the guidance of philosophical and aesthetic ideology. Every nation has its own perspective on these aspects. Thus, garden art is necessarily closely related to culture it belongs to. As the symbolic representation of each Eastern and Western garden style, the Chinese garden and the Italian garden differ greatly, indicating some significant differences, expressing diverse philosophies, and showing different styles. In order to clearly understand these two garden styles, I take the garden of the Summer Palace in Beijing, China and the garden of Villa la Pietra in Florence, Italy as examples. In this paper, I will compare the Chinese garden and the Italian garden in terms of four aspects -- theme concept, design idea, gardening technique, and aesthetic feature -- to show their differences and similarities.

1. Features of the Summer Palace
The Summer Palace is located in the northwest region of Beijing and it is one of the most famous gardens in the world, covering 2.9 million square meters. The whole garden consists of two parts, mainly dominated by the Longevity Hill and the Kunming Lake. The layout of the garden is a comprehensive expression of the culmination of Chinese garden art. Moreover, in 1997, the Summer Palace was shown on the World Heritage List
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Actually it has a garden with an area of 57 acres (more than 230,000 square meters). The villa shows a baroque style, and the garden, compared to the Summer Palace, is more artificial. The sizes or the positions of vegetation, pools, stairs and roads are exquisite and proportionally appropriate. Although Villa La Pietra is small in size compared to the Summer Palace, it has its own beauty because of the suitable proportion and a symmetrical outline. That is, it can be defined as the epitome of the Italian

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