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  • Uk Vertebrate Species Essay

    Although, according to the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species, this carp is of least concern, it’s population trend is decreasing (Freyhof & Kottolat, 2008). This native species of carp was once widely distributed across the British Isles but is now experiencing extirpation due to competition in habitats where it does not thrive. The most significant threats are caused by introduced species; such as the closely related and often confused with Prussian carp Carassius gibelio, a subspecies of the congeneric goldfish Carassius auratus which could lead to local extinction in many of their native areas (Smartt, 2007). In addition to this, the physical similarities between the Crucian carp and goldfish C. auratus has inadvertently stunted conservation efforts. This is because it is likely that goldfish had been mistaken for crucian carp when restocking ponds in an attempt to raise population in the 1980s (Wheeler, 1998), meaning that it is expected that goldfish were introduced to the majority of small ponds around southern…

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  • Shimano Ehl Analysis

    In weeks review, we take a look the Shimano Ultegra 14000 Xtd big pit carp reel. I’ve been using these reels for a few weeks now, so will share my thoughts on these reels including all the features and will be keeping this review up to date regularly. So what did I want from a new carp reel? Well I needed a big pit carp reel that guaranteed me reliability, built from quality components, which is lightweight and stylish but not too expensive. Carp reels from a design perspective haven't…

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  • Bless Me Ultima Reaction Paper

    The carp could act as however it is being portrayed as or it could mean something important to what it is being associated with. Many mythical symbols have a beginning, such as the carp. There are stories about the origin of the carp, but those are not one-hundred percent true. “The real origin of those coloured creatures was in truth, more of an accident than by any real intentions and they are truly ‘man made’” (“Origins and Myths” 1). The carp was discovered unexpectedly instead of having a…

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  • Asian Carp

    The prevention of the Asian Carp in the United States has been long standing battle. While first introduced as a food-fish and now for sport, Asian Carp is now viewed as an invasive species. In the summer of 2007 the U.S. Department of the Interior invoked the Lacey Act. In 2012, Congress implemented the “Stop Invasive Species Act”. This act charges the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers to increase the speed of their strategies of controlling the invasion. Urgency is required due to the fact that the…

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  • Asian Carp Crisis

    Asian carp crisis. The Asian Carp are an invasive species that came from china. They were brought over to clean fish ponds and escaped due to the flooding of the fish ponds. They are now out there in the lakes reproducing in large amounts and threaten to take over the great lakes. According to “Carp Diem: A Fishy Tale” by CBC, 2013, Asian Carps are reproducing in large amounts and tend to outcompete native species. The Asian carps are consuming the majority of the food, leaving very little for…

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  • Bighead Carp Ecology

    non-native species may pose significant dangers to the local ecosystems and the Asian carp is one of them. Asian carp is the common term for the species of grass carp (Ctenopharyngodon idella), Bighead Carp (Hypophthalmichthys nobilis), black carp (Mylopharyngodon piceus) and silver carp (Hypophthalmichthys molitrix) (Michigan Department of Natural Resources 2012). In the United States, the Bighead Carp have greatly affected the river ecosystems that it is also likely to invade the Great Lakes…

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  • Carp Fishing Research Paper

    Carp Fishing Rods: All About Good Carp Rods June 23rd, 2010 | Author: Monty Looking at carp fishing rods, also called carp rods or carp poles, must be considered the very first logical step for any beginning or expert angler looking to jump into the recreational world of carp fishing. A good carp rod is the backbone of the rest of your equipment and will help to determine the success (or lack of) your fishing experience. While the basics of fishing for carp are the same, and it doesn’t always…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Carp Fishing

    Carp Rods And Poles You may be an experienced fisherman or you may just be starting out, but you should really consider whether you want to add carp rods to your collection of equipment. First, you should understand what carp fishing is. Unlike regular fishing where you cast your line, wait for a bite and real in your catch, carp fishing can be much more involved. The carp fish is a type of fish that takes on many shapes and sizes, but when referring to carp fishing, they are known as one of…

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  • Crucian Carp Lab Report

    Abstract The crucian carp is an actinopterygii fish which is known to possess a swim bladder and non-muscular lobed fins. These fishes are also known as ray finned fishes. The fish contains the organs responsible for the digestion, respiratory, circulatory and nervous system. In order to observe the internal organs of the fish, the fish firstly is euthanasiated with clove oil. The external anatomy of the fish has five fins; pectoral, pelvic, dorsal, anal and caudal fin, a cloaca is located…

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  • Bighead Carp Aristichthys Nobilis

    Fish are cold-blooded aquatic vertebrates. They are highly susceptible to seasonal and diurnal variations in water temperature in their habitats. Any abnormal change in temperature may influence fish survival, change physiological, biochemical function and enzymatic activities. In order to address this, we exposed Bighead carp Aristichthys nobilis to an increase in temperature from 28°C to 38°C and measured the effects on histopathological changes in gill, liver and kidney tissues, physiological…

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