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  • Minnow Fish Lab

    fish can only thrive and live in much cooler temperatures, nothing exceeding 60 degrees, or else they start to die. Minnow fish are commonly used as bait fish and react extremely to temperature differences. Many die within a few minutes when temperatures are too extreme for them. Minnow fish cannot live with temperatures over 60 degrees fahrenheit and thrive with temperatures 55 degrees or lower. So how do they remain in a state of homeostasis with different temperatures. Fish are very social creatures, not only is their environment important to their survival but also their interaction with other fish. So in different situations how long can each minnow fish live to be. In situations with goldfish, many think goldfish only live a few days in a small bowl, but with the right size tank goldfish can grow up to more than a foot long, and without other fish, they can get depressed and die. So many other things can affect how long an organism survives pertaining to all shapes of life. So how do fish react to differences in their environment? Comparing these differences can help us understand the importance of how we treat our environment. One major problem in the world today, is global warming. With elevating temperatures many of our ecosystems are being affected and the animals that live there are being harmed. Comparing these can help us understand how we are affecting our world. Hypothesis If you manipulate the temperature of water by making it warmer or cooler than minnow…

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  • Bless Me Ultima Reaction Paper

    The carp could act as however it is being portrayed as or it could mean something important to what it is being associated with. Many mythical symbols have a beginning, such as the carp. There are stories about the origin of the carp, but those are not one-hundred percent true. “The real origin of those coloured creatures was in truth, more of an accident than by any real intentions and they are truly ‘man made’” (“Origins and Myths” 1). The carp was discovered unexpectedly instead of having a…

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  • Racism In Goldfish

    Imagine living life as a goldfish. From the very moment it’s life begins, the tiny, innocent specimen is engulfed in water. Given the ability to communicate with the goldfish, one might mention the presence of water. The response would be something along the lines of: “Water? What is that?”. Even though the goldfish relies on water for survival, it would not be aware of it’s surroundings. When confronted with this observation, the goldfish might become defensive or taken aback. “Water isn’t…

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  • Goldfish Metabolism

    For example, the poikilotherm species, Carassius Auratus, also referred to as the goldfish, has a metabolism that can easily be manipulated. One of the most practiced ways of manipulating the metabolism of a goldfish is to increase or decrease the temperature of its environment. Other techniques used to manipulate their metabolism include altering light intensity and introducing stimulant drugs into the environment (such as caffeine or nicotine). Studies have found that, as a stress response,…

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  • Chemosynthetic Goldfish

    It was inevitable. After living in a world where only a few select people cared about how we were affecting our surroundings with our carelessness and inability to think of future generations, it’s all gone. Now, only a few species remain. Hypotheses: Sun Basking Shark: With the absence of fish in the sea, these sharks had to find a means to survive and that meant looking to the sun. These sharks were genetically modified by some of the last humans to have green fins that contained a significant…

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  • Goldfish Experiment

    Average Metabolic Rate Difference of Goldfish in Dark vs. Ambient Light Introduction Metabolism is an interesting field of study to better understand what is happening inside of the body of different organisms that keep them alive. Goldfish (Carassius auratus) were used for this experiment since these small animals metabolism can be easily influenced by different variables. This is due to the fact that goldfish are poikilothermic whose internal temperature is influenced by their surroundings.…

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  • Goldfish Respiration Experiment

    Rate Analysis on Goldfish While Being Exposed to Varying Water Temperatures Avarie Wideman, Bronwyn Edgell, Brooke Farrell, Shannon Porter & Emma Milne 1 Uxbridge Secondary School, Uxbridge, Canada ________________________________________ Results After completing the goldfish respiration experiment we were left with an abundance of data that has lead us to these results. Through the experiment we have discovered that the goldfish's respiration is affected when exposed to extreme water…

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  • Effect Of Metabolism On Goldfish Metabolism

    Caffeine Impact on Goldfish Metabolism Introduction Metabolism is a process that enable organisms to maintain their life. Metabolism can be measured in numerous parameters. Within this experiment in order to measure the metabolism rate by determined the level of dissolved oxygen. Goldfish is an example of poikilotherm that are organisms that are influenced by the environment surrounding them. Thus, the manipulation of surrounding can influence the metabolism rate due them being ectotherms.…

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  • Personal Narrative: What Of This Goldfish

    Sometimes you must let go of the people or animals you love. I once had a dog that i loved a lot. we would always play together after school, but then we had to move. The one major problem was that the apartment didn’t allow pets. The day we left, I had to say goodbye to my dogs. In the Story “What of this Goldfish would you wish” Sergei and the goldfish had been friends for some time. Sergei would always spend his days talking to the fish. In the quote “After his last wish, Sergei won’t have…

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  • King Arthur's Goldfish-Personal Narrative

    Once upon a time, there was a fish, a goldfish named Goldy the Golden Goldfish, but that’s not important right now. What is important is the owner of the fish, Sir Jeff. Now Sir Jeff was a youthful, strong and handsome knight. In fact, he was also the bravest and most secure knight of all of King Arthur’s court. Any quest, any competition, any situation there was nothing that Sir Jeff couldn’t handle. He had killed countless spiders, 54 trolls, 34 phoenixes, 10 griffins, 3 dragons and the…

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