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  • Bless Me Ultima Reaction Paper

    The carp could act as however it is being portrayed as or it could mean something important to what it is being associated with. Many mythical symbols have a beginning, such as the carp. There are stories about the origin of the carp, but those are not one-hundred percent true. “The real origin of those coloured creatures was in truth, more of an accident than by any real intentions and they are truly ‘man made’” (“Origins and Myths” 1). The carp was discovered unexpectedly instead of having a reason to, and it was made by man. The carp is sometimes referenced as “koi” because the people from Japan call it koi, but it is also known as the carp. “The Chinese then raised the koi in their rice patty fields to be used for food especially during the long winter months, and not for pets. The Chinese then passed on their knowledge of raising koi to the Japanese” (“What Do Koi Fish Symbolize?” 1). The carp was initially used in China, then the Chinese introduced it to the Japanese. The mythical symbol of the carp is mainly used in Chinese mythology, but it is also used in Japanese culture. “One of the most frequently seen images in Chinese art is that of a carp swimming and leaping against the current of a river to reach the spawning grounds. The images illustrate the legend that of a carp which is able to leap over the mythical “Dragon Gate” will become a dragon. The Chinese understand this to be an allegory for the persistent effort needed to overcome obstacles” (“Fish Charms”…

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  • Uk Vertebrate Species Essay

    competition with native wildlife, meaning that separate species that occupy the same niche will have to compete for resources, eventually resulting in the decline of one population (Toole & Toole, 2008). Non-native species often have an advantage over the native species as they have no natural predators and therefore tend to be successful when competing. In addition to this, introduced species may carry diseases and parasites ... reference The aim of this essay is to discuss the conservation…

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  • Common Carp Fish Case Study

    al ., 2006, Ozyurt et al., 2007). The total plate count (TPC) count examination show in Table (4) indicated that total plate count (TPC) count was 2.06 log10 cfu/g. These observations revealed the microbiology safety of common carp fish used in the study. Total bacterial count TBC is considerably lower than the maximum limit (7 log cfu/g) of microbiological criteria for fresh fish given by the International Commission…

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  • Importance Of Animal Neglect

    for the detritivores and the decomposers. We must find a way to make these animals of greater use to the earth. My suggestion will not only make the animal happy, but the keeper as well. These animals can have a better life, not trapped within a dirty fishbowl, not suffocated by the walls of a tiny cage while their owners may still see them and know that they are happy and well. Besides making owner and animal alike happy, my proposition would most certainly increase biodiversity for my country…

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  • Invasive Species: An Invasive Species

    Parsnip, scientifically known as Pastinaca Sativa. This plant looks harmless with its long stalk and yellow-green flowers, however, it has huge repercussions when coming into contact with human skin. When humans come into contact with the sap from this plant while in direct sunlight, a red rash, blisters, burning and pain will occur. The skin on the infected site will also turn a dark color and can last for up to two years. Wearing long sleeves and pants while walking in tall grasses and ditches…

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  • Biotic Resistance Hypothesis Analysis

    loses its influence by not centralizing on how we can make invasive species become less harmful in an ecosystem with no diversity rather then completely accepting the concept that invasion decreases when biodiversity increases. He claims that niches are empty when there’s fewer species and filled when there’s more species causing ecosystems with high biodiversity to become more resistant against its invaders. However, the Biotic Resistance Hypothesis has been practically tested in multiple ways…

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  • Abiotic Factors

    perform best in the tropical community tank range which ideal water temperature between 18°C to 27°C and as for the pH, it is better to keep the shrimp at pH 6.5 to pH 8.0. They undergo molting process which shed its old exoskeleton in order to grow new ones and they need to be left alone when molting occur as they are very vulnerable (Fishaholic, 2007). Ghost shrimp will readily breed if kept in large enough amount in the aquarium. The female shrimp carries the small green dots which are the…

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  • Biofloc Technology In Aquaculture Essay

    maintaining high carbon and nitrogen ratio in the system (Crab et al., 2012). Generally, the biofloc tanks are characterized by lower concentration of inorganic Nitrogen (Mahanad et al., 2013) .The water quality is improved by the action of heterotrophic bacteria on fish waste (Azim et al., 2008) The Biofloc technology continuously provides nutrients in the form of microbial particles (Emerenciano et al., 2012). However, the success of this technology depends upon the type of species to be…

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  • Effects Of Crustaceans

    |weight |oxygen consumption | | |(grams) |(millilitres per kilogram | | | |of weight per hour) | |paramecium |0.000001 |500 | |mussel (Mytilus) |25 |22 | |crayfish (Astacus) |32 |47 | |butterfly (Vanessa) …

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