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  • Graham Young: The Teacup Poisoner

    1972. He caught charges this time. He was charged with two counts of murder, two counts of attempted murder, and two counts of giving out poison. Graham pleaded not guilty. Graham was loving the media attention that went along with his trial. However, he really did not like the name they gave him “The Teacup Poisoner.” Graham thought it was too closedminded and that it depreciated his skills and knowledge. On June 29, 1972 Graham was found guilty. He received four life sentences. Graham Young was placed in Parkhurst prison. Parkhurst prison is a maximum-security facility. Young died on August 1, 1990. He died in his cell at the age of 42. His cause of death was heart failure. The infamy of Young brought to attention the usefulness of thallium as a deadly poison. Graham had been through so much so young and it really took a toll on him. He didn’t get the bond with his mother and when he finally did form a bond he was taken away from it. He developed very unusual behaviors and was diagnosed with psychopathy at a young age. Graham became fascinated with murders and became obsessed with poison. It was only a matter of time before he began to…

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  • Case Study: Prussian Blue

    Prussian blue is used to treat thallium and radiocesium poisoning by combining the two in the intestines and stops them from being re-absorbed into the body. Overview Prussian blue treats patients with thallium or radiocesium poisoning by binding the two isotopes in the gastrointestinal tract and the combination removes the poison from the body through the patient’s stools. With the removal of thallium or radiocesium through the stool, the harm to the patient’s tissues and organs remain…

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  • Ekg Research Paper

    (contrast material) is injected into the IV. X-ray images are taken to see how the dye moves through the artery. The dye helps highlight any blockages (dark areas) in blood flow. Thallium Stress Test Sometimes heart problems do not show up during normal activity; they only manifest under stress (i.e., an increased load on the heart). In those cases, an arteriogram won't reveal the problem. The thallium stress test, then, is used by your doctor to determine whether exercise causes a decreased…

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  • Nuclear Energy In The Medical Field

    ultrasound was invented. This is now mostly commonly used to observe a baby’s growth and health in a pregnant lady’s womb. In 1971, MRI was discovered by a man named Raymond Damadian. He showed how MRI can be used to study diseases. The MRI machine can be used to scan our body for any diseases like cancer, heart disease and so much more. Radiotherapy was discovered in 1935.It is used to treat a chronic disease like cancer. Radiotherapy has the ability to control the growth of cancerous tumor.…

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  • Alchemists Chemical Reaction

    nuclides done by the emission of or combining with particles in the nucleus. In order for this to happen, an unstable isotope of an element must be present. Alpha decay occurs by ejecting a Helium atom, 24He, composed of 2 protons and 2 neutrons from the nucleus of the radioactive isotope. This decreases the atomic number by 2 and the atomic mass by 4 amu. This results in a smaller nucleus and a different element. For example, if a radioactive isotope of Thallium, 81201Tl, were to undergo alpha…

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  • The Disappearing Spoon Analysis

    The first two elements in the poisoner’s corridor, cadmium and thallium, are potentially lethal to humans, as evidenced by both the itai itai cadmium poisoning epidemic, and CIA’s assassination plans using thallium. The last two elements in that corridor, thorium and americium, are radioactively poisonous.. Bismuth serves as a meeting point between these two types of killer elements. Yet, instead of being a chimera, and in more than one way harmful to humans, it is the opposite. This contrast…

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  • Nuclear Medicine History

    diseases. 3D imaging, also known as SPECT, is useful because it creates a three dimensional image which shows not only where a disease is concentrated, but also the exact space it takes up in the organ. This way it is no surprise to doctors when they go to perform a surgery and find that the infliction is bigger or smaller than they had originally thought. There are also hybrid scans, which is a nuclear image superimposed upon an image from a CT or an MRI scan.Without the usage of hybrid…

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  • Compare And Contrast The Determination Of The Crystal Structure Of M3 (Xo4) 2

    of hydrogen bonds, as the protons are diffused through this crystal structure. Hence, as a result, we can conclude that the lower the crystal symmetry of a crystal structure is, the higher the proton transport efficiency. This increase in proton transport efficiency results in more efficient conversions from chemical energy to electric energy. This technology can be implemented in a fuel cell. No extra energy needs to be wasted in assisting in the breaking and reformation of hydrogen bonds…

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  • Fracking Advantages And Disadvantages

    Generally, human activities cause pollution. With the economic benefits fracking has to offer to the world it does disturb the environment. A contemporary example of this is seen in North Dakota. The new technology of fracking immerged and roughly 10,000 wells have been drilled for unconventional oil and gas production. With the rapid “boom” of drilling locations led to some issues. About 4,000 of the wells reported wastewater spills from fracking. With a scientific study it stated that the…

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  • The Disappearing Spoon Chapter 1 Summary

    attention to their cattles when grazing especially the ones who graze on locoweed. Most locoweeds take up selenium from the soil. Some of the symptoms of selenium in cattles are development of fevers, sores, and anorexia; and the cattles stagger and stumble when moving from one place to another. The word selenium comes from the Greek word “selene” which means moon. This also links into the word “luna” Latin for moon which in turn links to lunatic and lunacy. This shows how the element’s name is…

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