Monotonicity of entailment

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  • Mark Zuckerberg's Essay 'Our Future Selves'

    Technology: The World We Live In What would people do without technology? Technology is the focal point of everybody’s lives. It is used everyday for work, to strengthen connections, or pay for something online. Technology has never been relied upon so much. Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt and writer Jared Cohen, in their article “Our Future Selves,” argue that technology will offer the world a greater future with the possible connections and productivity it can generate. Professor Lori Andrews counters Schmidt and Cohen’s argument in her article “George Orwell… Meet Mark Zuckerberg” when she argues that sending information through the internet is very dangerous and that there aren’t any protective laws to prevent companies from using a person’s private online information to their advantage. Despite these arguments, Sherry Turkle, in her article “Growing Up Tethered,” suggests that becoming tethered to the everyday mobile devices is not very good because it halts self-development. When using Schmidt and Cohen’s text as a lens, Andrew’s claim that the internet is very dangerous is weakened while Turkle’s claim that being tethered to technology is bad is also weakened. In her text, Andrews lists all the everyday tasks she does on the internet. She describes how she sends confidential legal mail to her co-counsel, buys some books for her sister, and contacts her friends on Facebook. Andrew’s claim that the internet is dangerous is found in her text when she explains, “And not…

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