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  • Muskrat Falls Project Case Study

    Rigolet is home to roughly 300 people of the Nunatsiavut Innu people that have been living there for 5,000 years. They are located off of a small inlet called the Hamilton Inlet which is an extension off of Lake Melville. The people of Rigolet are fighting hard to have the Muskrat falls project done right as it is their way of life and wellbeing at stake if it is improperly done and rushed. The Inuit people that live in the community are people without a lot of money, they live off the land and water, and the lakes are a primary source of food for them. The methylmercury can completely destroy their way of life, as they would no longer have food…

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  • Cree Tribe

    south for the Cree located in Montana. It stopped at the Missouri River and the Milk River. The Cree spreaded across the North America. It originally migrated from the Subartic region of Canada and to the Great Plains and the Northeast woodlands. The Cree are divided into eight different groups, depending on patois and region. They are known as the sub-groups. Some of the groups are languages and some are groups of Cree Indians. The languages are much different due to the way the vowels are…

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  • Globalisation And National Education Case Study

    Malay and Tamil scores are no longer essential qualification for Singaporean university admission but a pass in English and who are unable to attain this minimum grade in English have to take remedial classes. This has led scholars such as Liu, Zhao and Goh (2007), to predict that “while the last school-going generation have seen the shift from Chinese dialects to Mandarin, the next generation may see the shift from Mandarin to English. This trend is already seen in the significant decline in…

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  • Importance Of Third People

    Numbers - numbers that were discussed in previous class. Jyasthi - ishtu beda. idu thumba jyasthi ayithu. ( I don’t need so much. This is more than I need) Kammi - innu solpa kodi. Idu thumba kammi ayithu (Give me some more this is too little) Phrases Yeshtu usage Typicall usage will be Idu ( pointing at something) yeshtu – how much is this. Note the differences between the following. Yeshtu – how much Ishtu – this much Ashtu – that much COMMUTING IN A LOCAL BUS Scenario 1: Go to the…

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  • Conflicts In Canada

    The Natives demanded that the French provide them with protection and take part in their wars. As the French expanded their territory with the assistance from their Native allies (Hurons, Algonquins, Micmac, and Innu) the Iroquois felt threatened and feared they would be cut off from trade resources. In the early 17th century, the French came out victorious with their Native allies against the Iroquois in defending the St. Lawrence Valley. However, later on, in the 1640s, the Iroquois become a…

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  • Why Racism Exists In North America Essay

    Racism still exists in North America because of Xenophobia, the “Other”, and because it’s in human nature. Recent reports showed how racism of the Canadian government could be a factor of the plight of the Innu People. There are three possible reasons to why there is still racism and they are because of economic and social insecurity, the “Other”, and intrinsic human nature. Economic and social insecurity can lead to racism because it makes people hate foreigners, it makes the immigrants feel…

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  • French Settlement In Canada

    addition to that, the aboriginals, in desire to acquire as much European goods as they could through the trade, diminished the natural resources which were available had they wanted to go back to their old way of life. Therefore, aboriginal life changed in that they were now, as noted above, dependent on the French for their livelihood. Yet aboriginal dependence was not merely due to trade. Europeans, as noted, had traded weapons, which led to a decrease in population of the aboriginals, but…

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