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  • Tampa Museum Of Art Analysis

    became impregnated with Mars who had no father. One story has it that fairies secrete themselves inside the flowers, and make a snapping sound when children, holding one end of the flower bell, suddenly strike the other end on their hand to hear the clap of fairy thunder, with which the disturbed and indignant fairy makes her escape from her retreat. Besides the fact that this all seems fictional and a bit silly but when some people see this flower this is exactly what comes to mind. It has been a myth and/or truth for centuries now. Foxgloves are also the source of several cardiac glycosides, the very digitalis used as a heart medication. With careful usage with physician guidance, digitalis has saved thousands of lives, but it is at the same time a dangerously toxic plant. It can cause heart palpitations, delerium, hallucinations, vomiting, & possibly death. The use of Digitalis purpurea extract containing cardiac glycosides for the treatment of heart conditions was first described in English language medical literature by William Withering, in 1785, which is considered the beginning of modern therapeutics. It is used to increase cardiac contractility and as an antiarrhythmic agent to control the heart rate, particularly in individuals affected by irregular (and often fast) atrial fibrillation and especially if they have been diagnosed with congestive heart failure. This flower is both harmful yet helpful which is why I believe it was placed behind the lupins, due to…

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  • Furosemide Conclusion

    Conclusion My hypothesis stated that Digitalis and Furosemide will both work upon the patient’s left side heart failure. However, the experiment concluded that only Digitalis was effective upon the patient’s condition. Administration of Furosemide led to a relatively quick death of the patient. I did not expect the patient to die while being administered Furosemide. In fact, I had hypothesized that while both drugs would work effectively upon the patient, that the Furosemide would work at a…

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  • Left Sided Heart Failure Case Study

    likely having some pulmonary edema and pedal edema. Lasix would be helpful for this patient because it blocks the reuptake of sodium (Truven Health Analytics Micromedex Solutions, n.d.). By Lasix blocking the reabsorption of salt there is a higher osmolality which decreases the kidney's ability to reabsorb water. Since cardiac output is poor right now with this patient the kidney function is also not up to pair. Lasix would be a good choice for this situation because for a short period of time…

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  • Pilocarpine, Atropine Sulfate

    stimulates the effect of parasympathetic nerve stimulation by enhancing acetylcholine release. Atropine Sulfate is a drug that blocks the effect of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine which is liberated by the parasympathetic nerve endings. Cardiac muscle and skeletal muscle are both different in functionally and in fine structure. Epinephrine is the fight or flight neurotransmitter that is released to increase awareness. Digitalis is a drug that is prescribed for heart patients with congestive…

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  • Pancreatic Cancer Case Study

    In congestive heart failure (CHF), digitalis is usually introduced after diuretics and ACE inhibitors to increase the hearts contractility; to decrease its workload; and to improve symptoms as well as morbidity in affected patients (Quinn, 2006). And since Phil C. has normal levels of the medication present in his blood, it can be assumed that he is receiving it to treat congestive heart failure (CHF), which has caused his current…

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  • Herbal Medicine Research Paper

    questions: does herbal medicine works? How does it work? What is the optimal dosage? The safety issues are what? Who can use it and who cannot?... As the list grow longer, the confusions also grow greater. Luckily, as we speak, more and more research studies are being conducted or published about the use of herbal medicine as the alternative medicine for conventional medicine. This article will summarize some key points about herbal medicine that will help you understand the current state of…

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  • Industrial Revolution Vs Scientific Revolution

    important discoveries. During the Scientific Revolution, changes in ideas lead humans to begin dissecting humans for the first time. As a result of this, the human body was better understood and physicians such as Edward Jenner were able to produce the first vaccines and prevent humans from getting deadly diseases. Vaccination was so effective that this infectious disease has now been eradicated worldwide. Multiple life saving medicines were also invented during this era. Thomas Sydenham, an…

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  • Congestive Heart Failure

    Angiotensin II receptor blockers such as Diovan and digitalis such as digoxin could be useful. Pacemakers through invasive procedures also will be of help in stabilizing the heart, as it can only improve the existence and not the quality of life (Quaglietti, 2000). Vesnarinone therapy is beneficial in improving life quality for Mr. P as he is anticipating suicide. Cardiac pacemakers and automatic implantable cardioverter defibrillators (AICD) are the procedures that he can benefits from it as…

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  • Native American Herbal Medicine

    will examine the healing properties of natural remedies including nutritional and spiritual practices used by the indigenous peoples of North America and how those practices might benefit people in today’s society. According to the Journal of American Medical Association (JAMA), in recent years, herbal medicines are being recognized for their efficacy and have made a significant contribution to modern Western Medicine. For instance: Since the beginning of human civilization, herbs have been…

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  • Contraindication Case Study

    5. What are the potential contraindications that can prevent someone from having a cardiac catheterization? What is the contraindication that must be considered in Robert Wilson’s case? Why is this of concern? There are potential contraindications to getting a cardiac catheterization, though the only contraindication is the inability to provide an informed consent. There have been unstable patients how have tolerated this procedure but with high risk patients, the nurse has be cautious of…

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