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  • The Film, Geronimo: An American Legend

    surrender of Geronimo, the Chiricahua Apache leader who rebelled against the US Government. He did not agree with the American government moving his people onto reservations with strict rules and chooses to fight back. After two months of being on the run, Geronimo met up with Davis and 1st lieutenant Charles Gatewood to surrender and be escorted to San Carlos to meet with General Crook, a friend of the Apache. In fact, most of the white soldiers ordered to track down Geronimo respected him. Geronimo was reunited with his tribe living at the reservation at Turkey Creek and Davis was put in charge. After the death of a rebellious medicine man caused by US Military, Geronimo was outraged and escaped with many of the people on the reservation. Geronimo and his followers continued riding around the American southwest raiding villages that were settled on Apache land, killing anyone who opposes them. After Geronimo crossed the mexican border, General Crook, who no longer trusted Geronimo after he broke his promise. Soon after the negotiation, a battle broke out between the two sides and Geronimo escaped. General Crook resigned and General Nelson Miles replaced him. For months, Geronimo and his followers evaded capture in the mountains of Mexico. A team consisting of Gatewood, Davis, Al Sieber, and an Apache army…

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  • Effects Of Isolation In Of Mice And Men

    characters, George and Lennie, traveling the country in search of a job, clinging to each other for company. When they arrive on a ranch, we meet…

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  • How Does Steinbeck Present Curley's Wife In Chapter 4

    like a switch. Seen when Crooks is messing with him, telling him that George will never come back. Then we see how easily he’s talked down from his state of rage by being told that of course George is coming back. This chapter also gives us a more detailed profile of Crooks. How he has the room in the same barn as the horses, and there’s poop right outside of his window. How he thinks white people shouldn’t be allowed in his quarters because he isn’t allowed in theirs. The chapter shows us how…

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  • Theme Of Powerlessness In Of Mice And Men

    setting for a lot of his best written work. Of Mice And Men is based on two migrant workers in California, George Milton and Lennie Small. The two companions depend and stick together in a world where most working men are lonely. George and Lennie have to move jobs because of Lennie's disability or love of touching soft things. This time around, they have moved because Lennie had caused a bit of trouble.…

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  • Of Mice And Men: Unaccomplished American Dreams

    book Of Mice and Men really hits on the idea of the American dream and in this case the main characters, George and Lennie’, dream. The dream consisted of George and Lennie owning their own ranch with rabbits for Lennie and extra acres of land for others who wanted to share it with them. Characters like Candy and Crooks dream of having their own farms too. Many can argue that death is the main reason that the dream failed and that is not totally true. The dream failed because of the society…

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  • The Theme Of Loneliness In John Steinbeck's Of Mice Of Men

    characters and why they are lonely and there dreams. The three characters I will be talking about are Curly’s Wife ,Crooks,and Candy. The first person this essay will be talking about is Candy and his dream is to go with George and Lennie because soon he will get to old to do anything. “They’ll can me pretty soon. Jus as soon as I can’t swamp out no bunkhouses they’ll put me on the country”.(Steinbeck 60). The reason for this is also because candy also says “I ain’t much good with on’y on…

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  • The Importance Of Inaugural Addresses

    ” Will believes that “the general shortening of sentences reflects, in part, a change in nature of Inaugural Addresses.” He refers to Teddy Roosevelt who called the presidency “a bully pulpit.” Later addresses have had an incentive to tell Americans how to behave with phrases such as “The only thing we have to fear…” and “Ask not…” A more popular phrase which was used by Kennedy and Nixon was “Let us…,” which according to Will means, “For Pete’s sake, pull up your socks and shape up.” The…

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  • Literary Analysis Of John Manbeck's Of Mice And Men

    market crash had caused the great depression. Economic hardship was widespread in America and unemployment had reached a peak at nearly twenty-five percent. This was the worst recession in U.S. history. FDR had just been elected president and was trying many policies to attempt to lessen the effects of the Great Depression. One of these major policies was called the New Deal. It is clear that Steinbeck wasn’t happy with how this was going and used his novel Of Mice and Men to attempt to spark…

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  • Of Mice Of Men Analysis

    holds out hope of a better future and of his American Dream being fulfilled. Although he appears to be mentally insane, John Steinbeck displays Lennie’s good intentions with the mice and rabbits. Moreover, Lennie’s ideals are thrusted onto him when George says “we’ll have a big vegetable patch and a rabbit hutch and chickens,” thus beginning Lennie’s obsession of rabbits (Steinbeck 14). I feel that if Lennie was more similar to the mouse that is portrayed within Burns’ poem, “To a Mouse”, he…

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  • Critical Analysis Of A Sunday On La Grande Jatte

    I had to understand why Seurat used such a difficult technique for his work. I then came upon the theory that perhaps he wanted to produce a deeper sense of life in his paintings. All things in the world are composed of millions of cells, and these cells create objects, color, and everything that practically exists. I imagine that Seurat's motive was to utilize this scientific law in his work to give an atmosphere of life, texture, and movement in the scenes that he…

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