Piney Woods

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  • Analysis Of The Outcasts Of Poker Flat

    especially when they surround themselves with other good people. This is evident in the story by the way the characters such as Mother Shipton, John Oakhurst, and the Duchess change and soften their armed exteriors as the passage matures. The first character, Mother Shipton, was one of the “questionable” female personalities in the passage who we had the opportunity to see the brighter side of later in the allegory. At first glance, it was obvious to the reader that she wanted nothing to do with the rest of her expelled peers, but gradually with the presence of alleged innocent and warmhearted Tom Simpson and Piney Woods, we finally saw her reveal her most secret and guarded trait of startling sympathy and motherly affection to Mr. Oakhurst. ‘“Give em’ to the child,”’ Shipton had said as some of her last words, referring to her stash of uneaten rations she had saved primarily for Piney instead of eating. To the reader, this was highly unexpected, for she was the first to display some form of a caring nature because of one or both of the Innocents. ‘“You’ve starved yourself,”’ is what gambler John Oakhurst replied in bewilderment before the woman passed silently from hunger, for he to did not expect her sudden change it character. The fact that Mother Shipton was willing to lay down her life for a girl she had just met is unalienable and irrefutable evidence that objectionable persons such as herself can always have a hidden goodness inside. She, like the other characters, was…

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  • Ecological Species Observation Report

    comparing sites. The second half of our hypothesis was supported based on our data. We then hypothesized that the spatial distribution of trees will differ between the two sites, as will the age structure of the trees. The mean distance to tree ratio for Burr Oak was 3.5 meters compared to North Farm that was 3.1 meters. Although there is a difference in the mean when compared, the variation was not significant. The measurement of spacial distribution between trees did not support or…

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  • Carpentry Research Paper

    Carpentry- "The activity or occupation of making or repairing things in wood." A carpenter regularly uses trigonometry on an everyday basis to assist with the job. Making precise cuts (On wood, braces, etc) can make or break a person in this profession. Math plays a very heavy role in carpentry, specifically the branch of trigonometry. (Carpentry). There is a variety of skills needed for carpentry. One needs to especially be skilled in math, particularly trigonometry. A carpenter on site,…

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  • Difference Between Varnish And Paint For Wooden Furniture

    With paints, you can be as imaginative as possible. Paint comes in different colours, creates a thick layer over wood and masks the natural look of the wood. The number of coats depends on the age and quality of wood that is being used to make furniture. Old wood usually soaks a good amount of paint and would have to apply as many as four to five coats to get the perfect look and finish. Though, by using paint, you might lose the natural beauty of wood but the final look would not make you…

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  • Northeast Lumber Case

    Darren Hall (General Manager of Northeast Lumber) started his 8 a.m. daily production meeting like most days. His meeting routine was to have each of his mill superintendents report on what was occurring in his/her respective area of the mill. Only this day was a bit different than any Darren had ever experienced. Wes, the wood yard Superintendent, had just left the meeting. This was not unusual in that frequently one or two Superintendents might leave the meeting for a few minutes to respond…

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  • Narrative Essay: The 5 Kids Were Getting Up

    fishing. “Hey guys look what I caught !“said Jaxon It was a giant fish it might be able to feed them for a whole day,so they put it in a bucket to save for dinner. “Good job Jaxon this will help us a lot for the trip tomorrow!” said Luke “Thanks!” said Jaxon “But it not enough for the trip”said Zoe “Yeah she’s right”said Declan “I know we could go into the woods to hunt”said Ethiopia “We should go home and leave the fish in ice,then we could grab our bows and arrows and go into the…

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  • Frankenstein-Personal Narrative

    It was a pleasant day in the bucolic. The sun was shining and a cool breeze was coming from across the pond. I was standing in the grass next to it smiling as I watched the ducks play about in the water. Nobody was around except for the ducks or so I thought. I lived in a little bungalow next to the woods where the scenery was always fetching. It was a place where nothing bad could ever happen. I had decided to go on a walk when all of a sudden I saw a strange figure creeping about in the…

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  • Hopi Katsina Analysis

    At first glance the figure is definitely out of the ordinary, the foot and a half tall sculpture is larger than doll sized and much too large to fit in a child's hand. The measurements for the figure are 5.6 inches in lengh, 4 inches in width, and 15.3 inches in height. The sculpture is split into four parts the three base parts feet, torso, and head, each around 2-3 inches each. The last part is the head decorations probably added on after the base was carved out. judging by the size of the…

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  • Double Fall Short Story

    The Double Fall It was a beautiful April weekend and I had just turned 12 years old. It was the day after my birthday, April 25 to be exact, and my friend had spent the night at my house. The fresh smell and sound of leaves, it sounded like the sound of wind through a forest with all the trees swaying and hearing the leaves flap in the wind. It was the late afternoon and my brother, a friend, and me were playing in the woods. We had these pellet guns and we were having a battle. It was fairly…

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  • Sawmill Memo

    MEMO TO: Robert Walton, CEO FROM: James Babson, Organization Health and Safety Officer DATE: 16 September, 2016 SUBJECT: Summary of Work Safe BC’s report on Babine Sawmill explosion Executive Summary The explosion at the Babine Forest Products sawmill in Burns Lake on 20 January 2012 was caused by the ignition of wood dust accumulated between the belt and sheaves of the 8R-25 conveyer. Due to confinement by the guard and large presence of wood dust in the air, the fire changed into a…

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