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  • Personal Narrative: My 5 Day Field Experiences

    23, 1943. Another stop was August 1, 1943, we stopped at Capetown, South Africa, for more supplies, leaving Capetown the same day we set sail for Bombay, India. Longing for land we spent 32 days at sea, we finally arrive at Bombay, August 12, 1943. However, we spent two days in Bombay, we boarded a train, and went to Camp Monroe in Deoali. Again, we boarded two river boats the Sikh and the Vulture, and left Deoali for Dhubri on the Jamuna River on our way to Bandui, in which we arrived August 29. 1943. In addition, we left Dhubri on a narrow and wide gauge rail train and arriving at the Polo Grounds in Chabua, September 21,1943. Finally, we board the C-47s that took us over to Kunming, China, incidentally that was a three and a half hours flight. Next trucks were waiting, we loaded up and left Kunming November 24, 1943, and we traveled for about 300 miles on the old Burma Road until we arrived at a small, walled city, Paoshan, on November 30, 1943. With this end, we set up our field hospital above the Burma Road at the foothills of the Himalaya Mountains next to a Chinese cemetery in an area formerly used by the original Flying Tigers before they joined the U.S. Air Force. Finding a long, narrow building we converted into a…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: Crossing The Border

    it’s them speaking Chinese and hand motions, I’m just assuming what they mean majority of the time. Anyways I waited and he came back with a cold can of tea, smiled and pointed to the top. I laughed, you never know in Asia. At the top, there I stood with an incredible view in all directions of Yangshuo, Li River, and the exotic scenery. The sun was still making a push to come out so I decided to wait for sunset. I found a good spot to sit on the ledge, put my headphones in, and watched as the…

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  • Chinese Garden Art Research Paper

    differences, expressing diverse philosophies, and showing different styles. In order to clearly understand these two garden styles, I take the garden of the Summer Palace in Beijing, China and the garden of Villa la Pietra in Florence, Italy as examples. In this paper, I will compare the Chinese garden and the Italian garden in terms of four aspects -- theme concept, design idea, gardening technique, and aesthetic feature -- to show their differences and similarities. 1. Features of the…

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  • Spa Industry In Thailand Case Study

    cosmopolitan cities. Thailand is known as "yellow robe Buddha" reputation, Buddhism adds its own interesting characteristics. Thailand also provides lots of opportunities for various hobbies and activities and serves as a great tourism country. The trend of sympathetic pricing It comes no surprise when people talking about how business today care more about benefit than the needs of consumer. According to PR firm’s COHN & WOLFE’s 2013 report only 5% of consumers in the UK and US believe big…

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  • Relationship Between Surgical Procedure And Drug Administration: 4-5 Year Old Men

    2. Methods 2.1. Animals and procedures: 4-5 weeks old male Kunming mice weighing 19-21g were provided by Experimental Animal Centre of Kunming prior to treatment with LOS(10,20mg) or MET(20,40mg), the mice were either treated with vehicle (n=16) or ISO (n=80) for 2 weeks. The mice were fed food and had free access to tap water. The mice were maintained under stable room temperature and a regular 12h dark and light rhythm. Usage of experimental animal was in accordance with the compliance of the…

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  • Citizen Participation In China

    result, citizens should be taken into account in decision-making about environmental issues. The case of anti-PX campaigns is a nationally well-known environmental activism in which a large number of citizens took part in and the public finally effected policy changes. The par xylene is a basic raw material in industrial production and it can bring significant economic benefits for local governments. However, PX chemical plant has the risk of explosion and leakage, and then can pollute the…

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  • Creativity Vs Commerce

    individuals to acquire more if they own more, to the extent where Apple has been accused of financially and psychologically exploiting consumers. Thus, the question of how Apple sets a price on its intellectual property is asked: how does one accurately dictate the worth of a creative work that satisfies users and refrains from making Apple appear as a large, greedy corporation? Additionally, how can one consistently innovate to uphold market share and profit goals? To this day, Apple struggles.…

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  • Importance Of Tourism In Nepal Essay

    Zimbabwe, Swaziland, Cameroon, Somalia, Liberia, Ethiopia, Iraq, Palestine, Afghanistan, and Syria List of airlines in Kathmandu By Air: Nepal has one airport, Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA), Kathmandu. Nepal Airlines is the national airline. It flies to/from Delhi, Kuala Lumpur, Dubai, Bangkok and Hong Kong. International airlines fly from/to Kathmandu, including the Thai Airways (Bangkok), Silk Air (Singapore), Qatar Airways (Doha), Pakistan Airlines (Karachi), Korean Air (Seoul), Jet…

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  • Homosexuality In China Essay

    every LGBT NGO reported got at least a few financial support from international organization.(Hildebrandt 2012). Due to the rampantly HIV virus ranged in China, the Chinese government gave extraordinary attention to take the steps of AIDS prevention, which is the way LGBT NGO in china gets the most part of the funding. In another word, The majority of Chinese LGBT organization get their financial support through AIDS protection founding. The LGBT community not only uses the AIDS protection…

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  • Naypyidaw Case Study

    1842, Charles Dickenson could have been describing Myanmar’s new capital today: “Spacious avenues that begin in nothing and lead nowhere; streets a mile long that only want houses, roads and inhabitants; public buildings that need only a public to be complete.” In a region where kingdom’s have come and gone for centuries, Myanmar’s State Peace and Development Council created yet another capital, this one with a pace and scale unprecedented. Naypyidaw is modeled like a Chinese megacity:…

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