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  • Damir Smith Biography

    there are already so many good Quarterbacks.” I said . “ You’re gonna get picked calm down’” said my agent. “But what if I dont, this is what I have been doing my whole life and in 5 minutes it could all go to waste.” I said. “ Its ok alright, its all gonna be ok” said my agent. “ If I don’t make it then what will I do, I am only good at football!” I said. “ Exactly! thats why you’re gonna get picked” said my agent. “ But…..” I said but before I could say anything else. “ Shhhhh! its starting” “ The first pick in the NFL Draft for the Cleveland Browns is Damir Smith” said the commissioner. “ YESSS!!!” I said. That was the happiest moment of my life, but I was about to find out that the NFL wasn’t as easy as I thought. In the NFL draft he was drafted to the Cleveland Browns, although he always wanted to be on the San Francisco 49ers ever since he was a little kid, like in College he expected not to start but since the Cleveland Browns was a struggling team he got to start. That year they won the Super Bowl and Damir wasn’t really showing his potential they were just hitting harder, meaner and his worst nightmare. The next season in a preseason game he tore his ACL and was out for the season. After physical therapy he came back the following season but was traded to the Oakland Raiders. That year he won the Super Bowl, now he was really getting to understand the NFL. He was with the Oakland Raiders for 2 more years before getting traded to the San Francisco 49ers.…

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  • Jim Brown: Best American Football Player

    Jim Brown was one of the best American Football players ever. He was the No. 6 Draft overall to the Cleveland Browns where he had an outstanding 9 year career. In his 9 year career he had over 1,000 yards a season for 8 years. He was a pro bowler 9 years straight and was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1971. Jim Brown set the standard for all NFL fullbacks to this day. Jim Brown was one of the best American Football players ever. He was born in 1936 on St. Simons Island off the coast of…

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  • Rick Dockery Research Paper

    Rick Dockery has been having a not too impressive NFL career. He currently is the third string quarterback for the Cleveland Browns and his stay does not last much longer. He gets cut after he blew the AFC championship game that Cleveland had in the bag. After this disaster no NFL team wants him, but he still wants to continue his football career so he turns to his agent Arnie for help. Arnie thinks it might be time to call it quits and retire, but Rick refuses. Arnie calls everyone he thought…

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  • Summary: The Future Of NFL Quarterbacks

    He was exciting to watch as he’d rather run then pass as he was quite greedy. Also, he was exciting as he loved to party which put him in the media often. His 2012 Heisman season he amassed 5116 yards and 47 touchdowns. It’s crazy to think that a freshman put up those numbers. 1410 of the yards and 21 of the touchdowns were picked up on the ground. To think that he only scored 5 touchdowns bringing it in himself then in the air. A lot of people think it was luck that he did that well in college…

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  • 4 Types Of Football Fans

    The down on their luck fans can never seem to catch a break. These fans consist of Cleveland Browns fans, Miami Dolphins fans, and Buffalo Bills fans. These fans are by far the most annoying, always counting how many touchdowns their team needs to come back even when it’s clear there is no hope and acting like every play of every game is make or break. The worst part about it is that these fans say the same thing year in and year out, always proclaiming that this is their year or acting like the…

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  • Cleveland Browns Research Paper

    reach the Super Bowl. Cleveland Browns fans hope for this every year, but are let down again and again. At the time of writing this essay the Cleveland Browns are 0-12 and are well on their way to being winless. If they can’t manage to win a game they will be only the second team in NFL history to go 0-16 in a single season.(Gardner) How can they turn this franchise around and be competitive again? Well to answer that you have to know a little bit about the history of the Browns. In 1996 the…

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  • Personal Narrative: Rage Against His Machine

    Rage Against His Machine I am a member of the Bleeding Green Nation. I have been an avid Philadelphia Eagles fan since before I can remember. Examples of my fidelity to the organization range from an irrational adoration of retired legend Brian Dawkins (AKA Weapon X) to a deep seeded hatred of the Dallas Cowboys. My membership of the bleeding green nation has been a potent influence on my life and there is not a day that goes by where I do not check the latest news. The hiring of Chip Kelly…

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  • San Diego Chargers Business Analysis

    Organizational strengths are positions of organizational power that are derived from the organization’s state of existence. Given the present-day struggles of the San Diego Chargers franchise it would be natural for one to assume that the Chargers franchise is devoid of any organizational strengths. In actuality, the Chargers franchise possesses a multitude of internal strengths, each of which are capitalized on to various extents. Of the many strengths possessed by the Chargers organization,…

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  • Argumentative Essay # 4-Integate Scandal

    The Cleveland Browns have been searching for a quarterback for what seems like forever. The Browns have won double-digit games just once since returning to the NFL in 1999, as Derek Anderson went 10-5 as Cleveland’s starter in 2007. To fix their issues behind center, the Cleveland Plain Dealer reports that the Browns will try to trade for New England Patriots quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo, depending on how their draft evaluations go over the next several weeks. But before we get into whether the…

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  • Family Guy Stereotypes

    Belonging With Groups Being part of a group can be a good or a bad thing. The feeling that you belong in something can be fulfilling. In this assignment we will explore different types of stereotypes, prejudice, and discrimination. I have chosen three TV shows: Family Guy, Simpsons, and The Cleveland Show. I have chosen animation TV shows because I have three small children and they love to watch these shows. Family Guy first aired in 2002 it is an adult animated sitcom. Created by Seth…

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