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  • Uluburun Shipwreck Report

    we will be talking about the cargo of the ship, and the stats of the ship, like how long it was, when it was found, how many dives took place, When the material to make the ship was felled, and how much cargo it was able to hold. This is a report on the Uluburun shipwreck, and I hope you enjoy it! Before we get started with the real info, I would like to tell you a little bit about how I got my information. I used a site similar to the format of google and it's called duck duck go! I saw after I searched turkey shipwrecks in the 1400s, and then the ULUBURUN shipwreck showed up. I did some searching through some articles with that. Then I found a site that I was familiar with that was…

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  • Trans-Pacific Partnership Case Study

    bigger cargo ships will be able to sail through there but it will save much needed transportation time. I can also see there being some type of extra fee or charge for the expected traffic flow that will coming and going through the canal. What the price/fee may be I cannot say. The Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement will also have an effect on shipping companies. Shipping companies will have to change their ships size, that way they will be to transport more goods and services between the…

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  • Cariage Of Dangerous Goods By Sea Case Study

    International Trade has made the world a global village. The superstructure of international trade is built on the shipping industry. The shipping industry is very critical for trade and it faces a fair share of troubles and issues regarding course deviation by ships, seaworthiness of ships, delays in delivery, shipping of dangerous cargo, marine insurance disputes, cargo-worthiness and care of cargo, jurisdictional issues and many other such issues. No country can boast of to be…

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  • Visual Analysis Of Advertising

    The main purpose of an ad is to sell a product. For this to happen, any advertisement company will use different medium to persuade the customer. They use many elements such as enhanced coloring, bright lighting, and striking props in the ad which will enhance the possibility of attracting new customer. This ad uses different objects to manipulate and over exaggerate the concept of being bold and adventurous by representing “The Bold New Camry”. In this ad, a man, possibly a European or American…

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  • The Importance Of The Maritime Industry

    around 90% of world trade is carried by the maritime industry. Around 50,000 merchant ships, registered in over 150 nations and manned by over a million seafarers of nearly every nationality, transport every kind of cargo internationally. The continuous increase in ship size has been a distinct characteristic of containerization. The first container ship was made from a tanker and on its first voyage had a carrying capacity of 58 35-feet. In 2014, the largest ships currently in operation are the…

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  • Different Modes Of Operations In The Shipping Industry

    The article that is being reviewed addresses some of the issues with the different modes of operation in the shipping industry, which are industrial, liner, and tramp shipping. In industrial shipping the company that owns the cargo also owns the ships, and the goal is to transport the cargo and minimum cost. In tramp shipping ships perform transportation task in order to maximize profit, this can be compared to a taxi system. In liner shipping, ships follow a set itinerary and schedule, almost…

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  • Us Air Transportation Case Study

    has preceded with shifts in the U.S. economy towards more administrations, expanded generation of high-esteem and light-weight merchandise, extended exchange with Mexico and China, and the present example of worldwide creation and appropriation frameworks impacted patterns in U.S. cargo transportation. As the country 's economy moved towards more administrations, the products offer of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) declined in respect to add up to GDP. Thirty-four years prior, in 1970, merchandise…

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  • Accident Incident Essay

    The freighter SS Fort Stinkine which is a cargo ship arrived at Bombay on Friday, 12 April, 1944 No one in the Dock area was aware about the dangerous cargo which she was carrying. Normally a red flag has to be flagged to indicate the explosive but avoided due to war time.Emergency A certificate has been issued by the Dock yard higher officials to unload it in priority basis. Unloading of the ship commenced immediately. However while unloading the lube oil drums onto the Jetty the foreman…

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  • Implications Of Implied Seaworthy In Voyage Charterparty

    carriage of goods by sea, the cargo owner intending to ship goods wants use of an entire vessel for some purpose, he might wish to enter into direct6 contract with the shipowner for the charterer of latter’s ship that called Charterparty. For the use for a certain voyage, it is called voyage charter. Voyage charter is used for a single voyage or a series of voyages. Under a voyage charter, the charterer shall hire the vessel for the carriage of goods from a named port of loading to a port of…

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  • Liner Shipping Case Study

    To start with, a proper definition given for liner shipping would be: “the service of transporting goods of high-capacity, ocean-going ships that transit regular routes on fixed schedules” World Shipping Council (2017). Nowadays there are almost 400 liner services in operation, most of them providing weekly departures from different ports. Liner vessels in the form of containerships and RORO ships carry about 60 percent of the merchandise by value moved internationally by sea each year. There to…

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