Visual Analysis Of Advertising

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The main purpose of an ad is to sell a product. For this to happen, any advertisement company will use different medium to persuade the customer. They use many elements such as enhanced coloring, bright lighting, and striking props in the ad which will enhance the possibility of attracting new customer. This ad uses different objects to manipulate and over exaggerate the concept of being bold and adventurous by representing “The Bold New Camry”.
In this ad, a man, possibly a European or American leans a car which is on a cargo ship. The car is red in color. He is holding a taco in his hand and smiling at it. The man is wearing a torn suit and pant. He looks skinny and tired. The man is facing sideways to the camera. In the background, an old ship is burning producing a black fume. There are a lot of cargo container behind him which are mostly red in color as well. Some of them are on
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The visual concept of the ad is spectacular. By using visual effects, graphic designing, and natural and artificial lighting properly, this ad is compelling to the consumers. The descriptions of events one after another and the use of object to illustrate the events made the ad very striking. Looking from a different view point, this ad also tries to differentiate the class of people who can afford it. It is being symbolic to express that people with low income cannot afford this car.
To conclude, I think the ad is highly capable of attracting consumers to buy the car. They have used different props and visual effects that is warm and joyful. Even though, there are some messages that conflicts the idea of being consumer friendly, the representation of the word “bold” is used effectively relating to all the objects in the ad. This ad was successful to highlight the significances of buying the product and encourage the buyer to buy it which is basically the main motive of an

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