Anchor Under The Sea Analysis

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“Anchors Under the Sea”

Independente. Sounds stressful and tough right? It's like a ship loaded with really important merchandise for a really big company that has to be delivered on time and safe. But the question is, what helps the ship be safe during the trip? Anchors. An anchor tries or avoids an accident of a ship from a really strong wind and waves or even storms. Anchors can even stop a ship from drowning down to the sea. And the reason why I compare this to my life is because ever since I started to be independent when I was 15 years old, I started to have many responsibilities to take care on my own, which in this case I compare myself with the ship that has the responsibility to deliver the merchandise safe to the owner. But the anchors also make a big part of my life, and the reason
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As we go along with our path to reach our future, we will find many struggles to pursue our goals. But that isn’t a sign for you to give up! In life we have many lessons we need to go thru, but that makes us even more stronger and wise as we grow up. And this “strong waves” hit me really hard when I graduated Middle School. My life changed completely after this day. I was 15 years old when I had to decide whether I keep my educational life or stay with my parents at Mexico and become an unsuccessful person. This was a really big decision to make at that age and also to be concerned that my life was going to be completely different. But of course, graduating from college has been my biggest dream since I was little, so I decided to not give up. Even tho my parents were upset about my decision to return to my state and become successful in life, they supported me and gave me all their trust and hopes. Well graduating from college has been my parents biggest dream even more because I will be the first one with a professional degree in my

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