Reflection On First Job, By Iliana Roman

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Life with Education
As I sit and reflect on “First Job” by Iliana Roman and how her life could possibly compare to mine, the term “apples and oranges” come to mind. Even while I admire Iliana Roman’s “never give up” attitude and the fact she proved that a woman does not need a man to be successful in life, I don’t believe I’m going to find a multitude of points to hit upon. While the author’s first job of many lasted a period of years, my one and only job lasted a little over a year. It started at the beginning of my senior year and lasted through graduation. Romans relates to me when she says,” They hesitated with me because I was so young. But I always wanted to learn more and more and more. I talked them into teaching me things; I proved
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I always try and keep a smile on my face and am as cheerful as possible. Many people from my community came for the only real Pizza Hut pizza within thirty miles in any direction. For the most part our only customers were the small town shop and store owners and of course the farmers. The best part of the time they would call in their orders and then pick it up. That is where my first trouble started. People would sometimes arrive to pick up their order only to find what they are picking up is not exactly what they thought they ordered. Everything from “I didn’t want mushrooms on it” to” I ordered a meat lover’s not a pepperoni”. These people would come in after a long day at their jobs or from the fields, hot, tired and ready to get that pizza home and relax. But as I said, sometimes things go wrong. It is hard to believe how upset those folks would get with me, being the one both taking their money and trying to explain why their pizza is wrong. It did not take but a time or two before I asked the customer, who was yelling at me that he “didn’t like mushrooms”; “Do I look like the person that made your pizza?” I am standing here taking orders; I am not in the back where …show more content…
To close your eyes and dream, “after I finish college, I’ll have it made”. But in reality it does not work like that. Many sacrifices have to be made. My first major obstacle came right off the bat. To go to college, I would have to leave my home, much to the heartbreak of my Dad and the enjoyment of my little brother. He now will be able to move into my old room where he will have more room for all the hunting and fishing equipment, not to mention a ton of sports equipment, and maybe still have room for his clothes if he is lucky. My grandparents on my Mom’s side of the family live almost dead center between my home town and the college in Tallahassee. And while it is still a commute of nearly forty-five miles to and from school, it is still way closer than Dads’ house. They of course love me being here, but the difference between living here and at home is like night and day. I assume it must the generation gap. With over forty years difference in our ages, it is sometimes a struggle for my grandparents and myself to agree on the correct course of action, so to speak, about what I should and should not do, say or act, sometimes even about what I wear. It is really hard to not blow up sometimes and just call it quits. But then I have thoughts of being a nurse on a cruise ship. Sailing around the world, seeing all the exotic places that I have only seen in pictures or my dreams and I know I have to control my feeling

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