The Importance Of The Maritime Industry

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The maritime industry since the beginning of recorded time has been the focal point for transportation of goods around the world. It is the most economical and environmentally friendly way to transport large goods throughout the world. Today, around 90% of world trade is carried by the maritime industry. Around 50,000 merchant ships, registered in over 150 nations and manned by over a million seafarers of nearly every nationality, transport every kind of cargo internationally.
The continuous increase in ship size has been a distinct characteristic of containerization. The first container ship was made from a tanker and on its first voyage had a carrying capacity of 58 35-feet. In 2014, the largest ships currently in operation are the Triple-E class of ships with capacity of 18,000 TEUs.
Container ships are often
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• The Panama Canal is 2,000 kilometers away from the island of Trinidad and Tobago, making it an efficient option for ship owners to consider in the selection of a location for the performance of ship repair services. . To use Trinidad and Tobago as a ship repair site as opposed to those in the Far East; billions of dollars in savings annually as an industry can be generated for ship owners.
• Safe anchorage away from turbid seas and extreme weather conditions, Trinidad & Tobago is below the 11th parallel and out of the Hurricane Zone. The Gulf of Paria in Trinidad is the largest body of calm water in the Caribbean and is a recognized location for harbouring vessels in the region.
• When the Panama Canal is complete, larger size vessels will bring with them an increase in the tonnage, traffic and market opportunities for the ship repair industry in the largest size category of vessels greater than 200,000

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